Love Newegg, but not the reviewers

I like how newegg has the "Tech Level" rating system, but it is only good if the person who picks "High" tech knowledge as their level is really qualified. I just don't like reading through forty reviews which five of them have 2 stars and are placed by "High" level users who missed simple steps. Today I was reading some reviews on some different networking cards(NICs). So I am going through seeing some really low stars for this one NIC. I looked at the tech Levels all say "High". OK, I can buy this. My real problem is when a Highly skilled person posts something about how this NIC doesn't work because of the driver, doesn't work with linux, DOA, and etc. These types of problem should be normal to any real IT Professional. Find a different driver, check first to make sure if the NIC will work with linux, and DOAs happen in the real world, but please don't give a bad review of an item just because it happened to you once. Now, If you had a lot of 3 NICs and 2 were bad then I will give you credit to give a bad review. I just don't want to read a bunch of reviews that could potentially scew my judgement. Just my opinion.
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  1. Lesson learned. The rating system is vague at best. Grain of salt comes to mind.
  2. You have to remember that unhappy customers will probably be the first to post, also. So you will often have an overinflated bad side, since happy buyers usually don't remember to go back and review every piece of hardware they were satisfied with.
  3. actually, if its good - I do post....only if its VERY GOOD though..
  4. I agree about reviews on newegg are sometimes very misleading. I recently started learning the art of building computers so I have been reading alot. As I browsed components on newegg I put alot of weight into the reviews. As i learned more and more over months of research and education in the tech world I started seeing the holes in the review system.

    I realized sometimes those 1 egg reviews were writen by people who had no idea wtf they were doing in the first place and the product was accually of high quality or compatable with another component by further research then a bad review or two. Similar situation with doa reviews, it happens, just cause someone got unlucky and got the bad egg of the batch dosn't mean that product is junk except in the case that doas were very commmon with that particular item.

    I do love the review system of newegg now that I learned to weed out worthless, pointless, and ignortant reviews.
  5. I hate when fanbois come in and give a "review" when they don't own the product, and base the review off of benchmarks that aren't even that great.
  6. justinmcg67 said:
    I hate when fanbois come in and give a "review" when they don't own the product, and base the review off of benchmarks that aren't even that great.

    This seems to be getting worse esspecially on new GPUs and CPUs. I don't think people understand what the concept of a review is. They post a review of a new product they do not own based on a review they read somewhere else so they are basically giving a review of a review, WTF. But the type of review that bugs me the most is when someone writes something like "I just ordered this product and I will post another review once I get it" or any review that starts with "I do not own this product but..."

    I really think newegg should start deleting the BS reviews if they don't already.
  7. One of my favorites is people that give low ratings to a product that doesn't have a particular feature or perform particular function it was never intended to have/perform
  8. Oh ya g-paw I forgot about those which reminds me of some reviews I read where they purchased incompatable components then gave something a bad review just because they wanted it to be compatable when it wasn't and never claimed to be.
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