Anti-virus+Pc Tune UP

My laptop comes with McAfee trial version and thats it I think... heard some bad things about McAfee, so should I just remove it once I get the laptop?

These are some of the listed options, but I could just buy from somewhere else.

[add $27.95]
Fix It Essentials 12
[add $33.11]
Computrace LoJack for Laptops Standard 1 Year license
[add $37.33]
Fix It Utilities 12 Professional, includes AntiVirus
[add $40.48]
System Mechanic - Complete package - 1 user - Win
[add $49.68]
Computrace LoJack for Laptops Premium 1 Year license
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  1. - OEMs get paid for each copy of trial software they put on your new machine. It is often why they will charge you up to $160 more to NOT have the junk installed.

    - generally I wipe new machines and do a clean install and install the correct drivers.
    I do this to make sure that all the junk ware is removed. I then add required programs that are needed to address a specific need or requirement.
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