Guys, seriously plz help! Dont know if I messed up here...

Please refer to my orginal thread for all specs:

As instructed, I've set the timings on my RAM to 4-4-4-15, with mem voltage at 2.1 (I tried 1.9 but it kept hanging).

I ran 3DMark06 and my score was exactly the same.

What really worries me know, is that in FEAR, my game is SIGNIFICANTLY slower (I mean, other guys are running past me in hallways in the game), and in Call of Duty 2, I am experiencing some major tearing, at least that's what a think it is. It looks like there are flashes on my screen, the game gets a little slower. I can hardly see whats going on.

PLZ can someone help here. I am really worried. I thought tighter timings would result in higher FPS and better 3DMark06 scores.

Seriously guys, whats going on. THANKS!
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  1. It's annoying to readers and not good manners to keep opening up new threads about the same subject. I'd suggest folks to stick with the original thread linked in the post above.

    Fish - you should copy the info from your post above into a post at the end of that thread.

    It would also be VERY helpful to post new screen photos of the memory and CPU settings screens from CPUZ, showing the changes you have made.
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