Upgrading my 32 bit system to 64bit got some questions

I have some compoents i want to keep and reason i want to upgrade is to be able to use PCI expressx16 i dont want to buy AGP because it will soon vanish like the 32 bit processors did on newegg.com

so if i made this thread in the wrong forum mods please move to the proper forum, and i apolgize if its in the wrong forum.

I have currently

ABIT NF7-S V2.0 board
AMD Athlon XP 3000+ Barton socket A
Corsair XMS Extreme PC3200CL 2x512(1gb) DDR 400
ANTEC 500w ps ATX
Sony DVDR not sure of specs
WD Caviar 200gb ide
ATI X800 all in one wonder (broken a heat sink 10 hrs later :( cant find reciept)
ATI Radeon 9700 PRO currently using.

I know that no board offers pci-e x16 for socket A processors.

so thats the reason im upgrading the processor, i dont want to spend so much on the processor right now, i want to keep the budget minminal for now, and spend good cost on the graphics card. I know the memory can be used again, including hdd and dvd, maybe PS too?

I really want a dual core but its too pricey for now. i will be upgrading the processor and ram later in winter with the best possible one on market for vista and FSX, BF2. BF2 and FS9 is what i play the most including CS source. FSX is coming out soon!! :)

so what is a good board and processor i should go with that the mobo can be still used when i get dual core later?

the following card i plan to get is


GeForce 7900 GT

other thing is that the other reason im doing this upgrade is that my X800 broke and cant find the recepit to get it fixed.

should i stick to a lower card that is equilavent to X800 for now and wait til a good 512 or 1g card comes out around winter or spring?

I just really dont want to spend so much right now because things will get better once vista is out, and i will waste time now. but its just that i cant play FS9 with my current 9700 card with full graphics settings like i could with the X800.

what do u guys suggest me to do?

btw i have always been with AMD and ATI cause i have had good results from them. I once had Nividia graphics card and when i got my ATI card it just killed that card.
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  1. 90 views, no replies, somebodys got to have at least some ideas!
  2. please re-read what you posted and list the questions. thanks
  3. Get another hsf for the X800 and wait till DX10.
  4. mad fizty when the sink broke off it took the tiny chip with it.

    for cliff notes and questions.

    my x800 tiny chip broke off with the heat sink fin, so cant find receipt to rma it. i dont want to buy another agp card since PCI-E x16 is the future so far.

    1. what mobo should i get and should i get a dual core instead of buying a single core, i mean spend good quailty cost on the processor, and a good board and get a cheap pci-e x16 card for now that is equilavent or almost like a x800 that is sufficent enough for me to play FS9 and the upcoming FSX including BF2 and CS-source.

    2. or should i get a decent board and a decent processor and spend more money on the graphic card? and then get a real good processor after vista comes out because there could be something better.

    3. I can keep my antec 500w ps? and my corsair XMS extreme PC3200CL 2x512 rams, and my 200gb WD cavair ide hdd?

    4. or try and find a good AGP card for cheap like reman card or on ebay that is good enough for the games and wait until winter or spring to upgrade the mobo, processor, and graphics card?

    5. or any other suggestions?
  5. There are still a few good AGP cards getting around on eBay (in Australia at least) but generally, very few are at good prices. The only way you can keep your ram is if you go S939 which if you do, you can get the Dual SataII by ASRock which has AGP and PCI-E X16 so you can use your current 9700pro until you get a PCI-E card. The downside to that is the fact that it too is being phased out. Those are the cheapest choices.
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