The GeForce 7900GS is Nvidia's New Mid-Range

Nvidia's GeForce 7900GS was launched as a reaction to ATI's recent product releases, and comes to the public priced at under $250.
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  1. It's a shame they didn't include the XFX 7900GS 480M... That one is much better than the PNY (in overclocking and factory clocks).
    Besides, this PNY card is not following the reference PCB.

    And... It's 9/14! Why there isn't any 7950GT's? They're planning on releasing another article about it?

    Why they didn't test it on a Core 2 Duo platform? :?:
  2. Wasn´t there a thread about this already a few days ago? Maybe someone should merge those threads...
  3. it certainly seems like there is a HUGE lag in the posting of articles lately on Tom's. This one is very late to the party. Seems kinda silly to say the 7950gt will be released on the 14th when that is the very day the article is posted... should have said "the 7950gt will be released today". Also, the driver revs point to this thing being rather old. (cat 6.6) I realize that it sucks to re-do "old" tests w/ new drivers and the ati runs are probably older tests but come on... other sites do it just fine. Whether ati or Nv, drivers can increase or decrease performance... What is goind on here?

    lol, anyway... not sure that referencing the vga charts is a good thing as there is plenty of debate on their validity. (w/ an sli system doing no better than a single card of the same type)

    strange things are afoot at the circle K ted.
  4. I'll stick with my 2 7900 GT's thank you very much.

    Dell has had this card for a long time. It's just a wussy version of the GT.
    Inventory must be high and the sweetheart deal with Dell isn't sell them so they release it.
  5. Quote:
    There have been concerns about overclocked factory cards and some people have told us some horror stories about 7900GT cards.

    I just ordered the Bfg Geforce 7900 Gt Oc Sin Edition PCI-E 256MB 256BIT GDDR3 Sli Ready Video seeing this statement above concerns me. What are these horror stories? PC_God seems to be satisfied so I'm very curious.
  6. Mine are EVGA Superclocked versions @ 550 mhz

    No problems, bought them first week they came out.

    Fans are loud is about it. Price dropped a bit since then also.
  7. Whatever. I've seen many reviews of this card, with some showing 9k+ in 3DM05, and some, like THG's, showing 7k. I don't know who to beleive anymore, but I have some serious doubts that a 7800GT beats a 7900GS, and that a 7900GT beats an X1900XT 256.
  8. I'll get the XFX 7900GS instead of the MSI 7600GT :)
  9. 7600 GT is the low end gaming card.

    Anything below it is for general use.

    The trick is to either not have more video card than your cpu can handle or to weak of a card at all.
  10. I'm still kicking myself for not picking up a couple 7900GS's when launched them a couple weeks ago for 145 bucks shipped to your door. I had just got a 7800GT on eBay for a measly 155, but I'm pretty sure I could have made some money on the GS's.
  11. Quote:
    I'm still kicking myself for not picking up a couple 7900GS's when launched them a couple weeks ago for 145 bucks shipped to your door. I had just got a 7800GT on eBay for a measly 155, but I'm pretty sure I could have made some money on the GS's.

    Woah, those are some killer prices. I really gotta get the monkey of my back and shop at eBay.

    Newegg has the 7900GS for $197.00. FOr under $200 its a great price/performance card.
  12. Quote:
    will nvidia come up with their own chuck patch?

    afaik they can't as the limitation is in the hardware, not the drivers or games like ati. The [H] had some info on that when the first x1k ati cards were taking charge. It was just a decision on Nv's part. Much like ati's for the x800 cards and no sm3.0, Nv thought the AA/HDR thing was not necessary. Word I have seen around the 'net is that it is uncertain if the new g80 will be able to do it either... but they may make it work as it seems to be a sticking point on many decisions for new purchases right now.
  13. well after over the top bad experience that i had with resolution of the monitors in dual view mode, I am switching over to ati.

    I am very happy with the gaming performance of my gforce but the idiots at nvidia dont pay any attention to the cries of all those consumers who are constantly yelling about the screwed up drivers.

    I have not updated the driver from 80.xx and each time i (and many like me) instal 90.xx the problems start keep rising.

    why cant they just pay attention to the drivers too :cry:
  14. Quote:
    but unreal 2004 will never look better :D

    yes indeedy. 8)
  15. I have a club-3d 7900gs but there is no variable fan speed control.
    I asked from club-3d and they said this card has no such thing.

    ps. also Rivatuner dosen't work
  16. Quote:
    will nvidia come up with their own chuck patch?i cant see the rust detail on my 7900gt.if it werent so much better than my x1600 pro id regret the purchase.

    i was hoping to get the lowdown on the gs as i am building a pc for my aunt(67 yrs old) shes an avid gamer and loves the whole family on my dads side are gamers.weve been gaming since 1980.

    wow !!! what a family tradition :lol: i was looking for these # today ghot to hand it to toms,theyre pretty good about bieng timely. :P

    Couldn't help but laugh at the thought of some 67 year old woman buying a high-powered video card just so she could play Oblivion. I wonder did she make her character actually look her age.
  17. Even at $199.99 (plus shipping) on Newegg, the 7900GS still doesn't compare to price/performance to 4 of ATI's cards. The X1900XT 256MB has been leading the pack now for quite a while. See here.
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