BSOD "physical memory dump"

I have quite an odd problem, and one ive never been hit with before while OCing. However here is my situation.

After conservatively oveclocking my newly placed amd64 3400+ (san diego core, 90nm, socket 754) to about 2.6 ghz from 2.4, all seemed well. I ran prime 95 for a couple hours it was stable. I also put in an Ati x850xt, which i left alone, because the fan drills enough as is.

When i went to play fear, and subsequent times after i got hit with a blue screen of death saying "physical memory dump" along with the standard bunch of meaningless numbers.

Now the processor is running somewhat hot, at about 51 C under full load, but heres my question.

Is this BSOD caused by heat, the processors inability to overclock (i dont think so), the new ATI x850 i put in, or something else im failing to take into account
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  1. I think it's a driver issue. Run a driver cleaner and reinstall the vid drivers.

    Also, you can turn off the memory dump option as the file is taking up disk space. It puts the dumps in c:\windows\debug.
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