Fan Controller Recommendations Please

I have two 120 mm case fans and a Zalman VF-900 on my X1900XT that cannot be powered off the card that need controlling (I know, that sounds funny). The 120s will run off standard PSU molexs, though the power isn't variable that way -- they also have 3-pin connectors (female) which are at this point disconnected. The Zalman isn't functioning at all (no power) and has only a 3-pin connector (female).

Someone recommended the Sunbeam Rheobus to me, and it seems like a fine unit, especially for just $10, but does anyone else have any recommendations?

Plus, I do like the idea of a 5.25" bay interface for the controller.


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  1. Check out the Thermaltake XCONTROLLER it's a basic 4 fan manual controller with adaptors.

    Here is Newegg's entire fan controller selection there are quite a few.
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