Steve on new Format...

Using IE 7, and a 1920x1200 display, your site now comes up short. I can zoom in but would like site to resize based on res user is running.

That way everyone can get teh best, I hope anyway...
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  1. don't mean to hijack this thread but WTF has some bloody idiot done to the forums. FFS, you guys just can't leave alone.

    i, like rich have a 24" LCD with a 19 x 12 res. i have had to put up with THG main pages only taking up half the screen but now you have screwed up the forums. they used to adjust to any size but now i get a thin strip in the middle

    what sort of crazy person interferes with the forums like that, can't you keep your filthy mits to yourself!!!!!!!

    again, sorry to hijack Rich's polite thread but come on.

    p.s rich please don't kill me.
  2. Yea, what's up with the gray bands on either side. I do like the top of the page though.
  3. I can't complain a man especially when partially in agreement... ;)
  4. Yeah, no more widescreen optimization. Yuck.
  5. Was that a statement or a plea, Ninja? :?

    I personally much prefer dynamic pages. Hardware independence is key. No site composed almost entirely of text should ever be optimized for one resolution.

    You could argue about the difficulty of reading paragraphs a foot-and-a-half in length, but it’s very easy to not use maximization and resize your browser window based on preference, as long as the option is available.

    I’ve seen it argued that the new layout is better optimized for PDA viewing, but I’ve browsed the forumz on my PDA before and had no problems with it, despite the narrow view.

    It could be argued that it makes the viewing experience easier for those with low resolutions as they won’t have long columns of text to read, but anyone with a resolution of 800x600 or lower would be better off using a higher res matched with accessibility options in Windows to increase font sizes, and see my PDA comments above.

    It could be argued that it makes development easier when things are constant, but if your job was supposed to be easy monkeys would be doing it.

    It could be argued that it brings greater visibility to the ads, but for that sentiment you should be shot.

    I kid, I kid.

    But seriously, make it full width.
  6. 'Tis a statement
  7. I figure if it is wider, we will see more posts vertically, therefore see more ads stuck between posts! Better for everyone!
  8. Noscript blocks those already.
  9. I just want to add my $.02 here and say that this new forums layout really, REALLY sucks hard. The navigation is way too complicated and cumbersome. And what happened to my avatar?
  10. My god, I have tried. Really I have tried. I gave this new format a few days.
    I tried to get used to the major changes a few months back. Still a few areas of the main page I check out, but mostly just ignore it. The only thing left worthwhile was the forums. Now, what the hell have they done to the forums? This has got to be the worst forum layout I have ever seen. Just what are they thinking?
    This is bad, I mean really, really bad. Almost painfully bad.
  11. IYou have to put your name when you are signed in as well to post? Gah.

    Well, i didnt do that the first time, and lost my rather lengthy post, (pressed back and it was gone )i'm not writing it again, here is a short version.
  12. WHAT?

    ok, randomly posted half of it... here we go again.

    I have lurked on there forums for about 2 years now, and i was lucky enought to get a few monts of advertisment free, user friendly lurkingness.... But this changeover is the last straw, i may not post much, but i like to lurk and i can no longer even do that without being advertised to death (that is if i can even get to the topics through the abysmal navigation) so i have had enough.

    This site is now apalling.

    Here is a good, clean, user friendly site that i find to be my new faverouite.

    Take a leaf from its book. Get rid of the Ads, give us a nice, simple layout and LEAVE IT ALONE.

    *thinks back to when there were no ads, and navigation was simple*

    Well, i'll see you guys on other froums from now on.
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