Do heater cores (ie. D-tek 120) require high CFM fans?

I'm deciding on which radiator/core to go with and just have a couple questions before making the decision. I'm going to be using two separate 120mm sized rads/cores, but want to keep it quiet too. So choices are down to BIP (maybe but I hear performance is not all that great), Dtek core, and of course Thermochill (I'd prefer not to break the bank though). So I guess my question is, will I get similar performance from a Dtek core w/ a low CFM fan like the Thermochill does or do heater cores require high CFM's like a BIX type rads? or is Thermochill really the only choice for low CFM cooling.
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  1. Either way you go, be sure to duct your fans leaving about an inch between the fans and the rad/core.

    You will get better temps and it will be much quieter.
  2. Aye, the shroud won't be an issue just looking for fan requirements on the heater core vs. other options.
  3. Well, if you want inexpensive radiators then look at these:

    Black Ice Xtreme have solid reps for cooling. Now, as for which one - if you are going to be using low CFM fans then you will probably be better off getting single pass radiators (X-flow). While not as effective as dual pass (which require a slightly higher CFM rated fan because they are thicker due to their double row), they still do very well in cooling and are much better suited for low cfm conditions
  4. Any opinions on the heater core types like the Dtek? Are the heater core type well suited for low CFM applications?
  5. Those are dual-pass radiators - which are not ideally suited for low cfm fans. Now, that is not to say that you couldn't use them with that type of fan. If you did, I'd get a shroud so that it might help you concentrate the airflow through the fins better.
  6. Thanks again for the input, I was just about to hit their site to see if it was single or dual pass after reading your previous reply. :)
  7. A dual pass single 120mm rad with low-cfm 120mm in front and back would be good as well. My first water cooling for my hot running 840 cpu was composed of low-flow pump and low cfm single 120mm rad from Themaltake. I was getting 35c idle and 45c full load at medium fan speed. So if my water cooling rad can do that I'm sure two single pass or dual pass 120mm rad would do better. :wink:
  8. Yeah, that's how I have my dual 120 rads done - two 120mm fans in front and two in back...
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