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I have a Soundblaster Live that is about 5-6 years old. I will be getting the Asus P5W DH and wanted to know if the on board sound of a new MOBO is better than the SB live.

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  1. Dolby Master Studio

    i'd like to hazard a guess and say yes it is better.

    alot of things have changed in 6yrs
  2. SB live cards have 5.1 analog, some of the newer MB's have 7.1 digital. So in that sense the MB may be better. Also on the aspect of processing power, sound cards with an APU (like SBL's EMU10K1) can offer 5% decease in CPU load by off-loading the sound from the CPU. However that isn’t always the case, as in my MB, which has a more robust audio setup and was shown to be within a few % of a SBL (which I use anyway because it has a Joystick Port and my MB doesn’t). Also the latest Realtek chips support EAX 2.0, SBL only supports 1.0.
  3. I would definately go with the onboard sound as the quality from your 6 yr old card will be much lesser than that of the onboard one
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