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My daughter is moving into her first apartment and she & her roomie intend to get a cable modem. Two part question.
First, how long can a Cat 5 cable run be? I'm guessing we'll need between 10 and 15 meters to connect both machines. Secondly, I already have a NetGear EN 108 Ethernet hub. Can I use this to connect the two machines to the cable modem? I use this hub to network our DSL modem with no problems. THANKS!!!

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  1. Cat5 cable is good for 100meters or 328 feet. A hub will work fine. Most people prefer a switch.

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  2. for 2 hosts, a hub will be fine. Your isp might only give them one ip adress, in which case you will need a nat. But first try it with the hub, and see if you get an ip for each of them.
  3. To add the second computer, you will need for the hub/switch to be able to provide internal IP addresses via NAT. Most of today's cable routers will do this. I would strongly recommend a router with a firewall rather than a pure switch or hub as recommended earlier. These are typically included in most Linksys, DLink and other routers. The cable from the modem to the router and each one coming out of a router to a PC can each be 100m (328ft). If you need to go further, look up "ethernet extender" on Google.

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  4. 10-15m is perfectly fine, anything over 50 will start to slightly effect you ping, and anything over 100m your gonna need a booster to boost the power running through the Ethernet.. So yeah
  5. the length of the ethernet cable will NOT affect your ping in any noticable manner (will still be <1ms to first hop device). Most delay when it comes to latency is caused by proccessing time in an intermediate device such as a router, and not the time it takes the signal to traverse the cable.

    Specification for ethernet says 100m max run, though its not set in stone. I've seen a 300m run of a single cable. It was in an area with pretty much 0 electromagnetic interference. Ran 100mpbs with no problems.

    You will want to get a router. Routers will allow multiple devices to connect through the one IP you get from the ISP. Connect modem---router---PCs. The router will have a built in switch that will give you about 4 switchports to plug devices into.
  6. woops oh ok dude... nah i am a couple of hops from any server because i have two routers. but umm i think its the cabling in my house because i get like 700ms ping on but yeh its my cabling, thats why i though that the distnace would effect the ping, and i have smart wiring so.
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