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I've got an Antec 400w ATX power supply at home right now powering my P4 2.4ghz and a Geforce 6800gt. I am buying an Intel Core2, GeForce 7900GS or GT, and SLI mobo today and I don't plan to use SLI for a long time so if my old PSU is still compatible with the new mobo and cpu I would rather not buy a new PSU, if I don't have to.

Thanks for the help in advance!
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  1. I don't wish to rain on your parade but you are aware that the 7900 series is being phased out and being replaced with the 7950 series which might present issues later on down the line for you (and me!!) as far as SLI'ing as for your PSU according to currant thinking/belief your borderline at best :roll:
  2. Phased out? The 7900GS just came out. I am not going to use SLI with my current PSU. I just want to know if my old PSU has the correct power connections for the a 7900GS/GT pcie and a Core 2 mobo.
  3. I was reading this article earlier which is why I mentioned the phase out thing, you did put 7900GS/GT in your post :roll:
  4. Even if the 7900GT were phased out, it would work fine in SLi with a 7950GT if you change the BIOS so that it reads it as a 7950GT, which is easily done with nbitor, and with one of the many 580/1400 eVGA 7900GTs floating about wouldnt even cause a performance drop.
  5. yes it will work fine as cpu and vga in new rig will consume less than actual system
  6. I hope so because I've got an Asus 7900gt and was hoping to do the SLI jig around crimbo time but when I was last down the computer fair a couple of weeks back the 7900's were very thin on the ground, I asked a couple of vendors about this and there was a lot of shoulder shrugging and mumble's of "On back order mate, check back in a couple of weeks". According to that article the 7950 range use the same G71 core as the 7900's so in theory (being a wonderful thing and all that) I should be able to drop one of them new fangled 7950's in as second card and just lose the use of 256MB of it's memory, but yes it's just speculation as you say sir, but it's good fun init :lol:
  7. On page 2 of that article there is a chart that lists the 7900GT as using the G71 core, the 7800's have the G70 core & the 7600's get the G73 core, soooo if the Nvidia ethos of 'any two cards with matching chipsets' holds up then I should should be correct with my assumption, if I'm not however I'm going to be well cheesed off if I end up spending 150-160 pounds (300-350 US) on a card that I can't use.
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