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okay well i only have one optical drive so that leaves room for one more IDE item which will be my extra hard drive.. i have 2 other hard drives installed already using the other IDE I went and set the hard drive as a slave and plugged it into the IDE cord that goes to my optical and powered up my computer and everything and then when i went to 'my computer' there's a space missing where the hard drive should be and my optical got bumped up a letter.. before it said e:\ now it says f:\

also now it says it's a dvd drive when in actuality it is just a cd-rw..any ideas?

btw i got this hard drive from a friend so i know it needs to be formatted.

EDIT: okay so I restarted and went into BIOS and noticed it didn't display my cd-rw as master and then slave was just a bunch of jibberish when it should show my HD. So I unpluged the opitcal and it recogonized the harddrive..hmm what am i doing wrong? btw i just remember the f:\ is actually from my DaemonTools

edit2: arite nevermind i think i figured it out. i didn't know optical drives had to be set for master and slave as well i always thought that was just something for hard drives and i thought you could only have one master hard drive but i guess that's just something for the eide cables. well i'm gona switch the jumpers and see what happens now.
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  1. ANY device at all attached to an IDE chain must be given a master/slave/cable select ID, no matter what type of device it is. If you have an 80 wire IDE cable (a UATA cable) you can set both devices on the chain to Cable Select. This will force the device on the end to be the master and the one in the middle to be the slave.

    Note: You're very likely to see a drive letter change after installing a new device in your computer, so I wouldn't worry about. If you want to change the drive letters back to what you're used to, go into the Computer Management console and change the letters there. The only thing this affects is programs installed on a drive whose letter changes.
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