Overclocking 6400 VCore voltages?

I am not sure why but after reading all the posts here I should only have to raise my Vcore voltage to like 1.4v to get a good overclock.

Well to reach anything above 3.0Ghz I have to raise my CPU core voltage to like 1.525!

I am not sure why..

temps are fairly low 42C and 55C after 4 minutes of Orthos (with no errors).

and now am running:

3240 @ 405x8

FSB @ 1620

Memory is the Crucial XPS2 5/5/5/5/12 (set at 5/5/5/15) at 1.9volts.

Is this normal to have to raise the Vcore so high to get a good overclock? Is it safe?

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  1. thats a prety high vcore and a very low temp. What are you using to measure your temps?

    what mobo are you using?
  2. I am using a P5B Deluxe and am using Core Temp to measure the temps.

    Right now its hovering around 45C idle.. and about 55C full load.
  3. PC Probe II shows 42C for the CPU.. but I know that's not correct.
  4. core temp is known to be about 10c higher. get speed fan and see what its at. temp 2 i believe is the cpu
  5. The only one I could find in Speedfan was FAN 0 which was at 35C.

    I am still wondering why I have to push my Vcore so high??????? :twisted:
  6. im not sure, im not all that familiar with that mobo. Whats your load temps in speed fan?
  7. I am still wondering why I have to push my Vcore so high???????
  8. I dont know, you didnt give me a whole lot of info to work with. If your going to be rude you wont get much help either way. You want my advise? Make sure you have the newest bios for your board, reset to factory settings and go from there. Good luck
  9. I am not being rude. I want this post to stay on topic.

    How much info do you need? I have supplied quite a bit of info.
  10. geez, ocnewb is asking some questions trying to gather ALL information before making a recommendation and you bit his head off in all red text then get on him for accusing you of being rude?

    Wow, just wow. So much for trying to help.
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