Looking for a card with similiar power usage as a FX5200

I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card, but the rest of my system is embarassingly old. So old, in fact, that I'm running on a 100W PSU with:

AMD Athlon XP 2700+
1G Kingston PC2700
GeForce FX5200
Some 80g HDD
Abit NF7 Mobo (AGP4/8x)

I posted a topic in the PSU forums about this earlier, and the general consensus is that it's impossible for me to even be running on 100W, but it has indeed been stable with this PSU for over 3 years.

Anyway, I need a better GPU, but one that uses around the same wattage as my PNY FX5200 so that my computer doesn't explode. Any suggestions?

I'm also open to just general suggestions for upgrading my computer. Perhaps I'd be better off upgrading my PSU and GPU, though I don't know what's involved in replacing a PSU (mine seems to be built into my case...).

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I would do nothing short(if you can) of upgrading your computer. Now you dont need fancy stuff, but just go with an AMD 3500+(like 74$) a socket 939 mobo, a 6600GT, and like a 400W powersupply. You could just keep the HDD and your CD-ROM drivers snice its the same for all computer and will save yea some money, also keep the case if you can. In all the upgrade could cost 300+ dallors maybe more if you decide to get a case and other stuff.
  2. I have to agree with he PSU forum - I don't see how you could run that system on just 100W of power. I ran your components through a PSU calculator at this site:


    It returned at least 150W for your system. Now, if you really are running on just 100W, then I would just keep your system the way it is because I think it's a miracle that it's stable with that wattage. If you want to put in a new GPU, I would upgrade the PSU for safety purposes - plus, upgrading the PSU will give you much more freedom in choosing your graphics card, instead of being limited to your 100W PSU.
  3. ANY standalone GPU you buy and install has a GOOD CHANCE of overloading the PSU, which could potentially damage other components in your system. Your FX5200 might work, but any other card might be the magic bullet that kills your PSU. IMO, you're better off buying a new PSU, or, if your PSU's built into your case, a new case and PSU BEFORE you upgrade ANYTHING on your machine.
  4. thermaltake tr2, 25$ usually on newegg.com

    fx5200 served me well.. if only I had known before hand it was shitty compared to anything ati had out at the time. I was a stupid person to spend 120$ on a pci fx5200 :*(
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