7950GX2 Running at PCI Xpress 1x

Well this is my first post. I have recently purchased a Gigabyte DQ6 SixQuad as they post it. I am running this board with a C2D6300 overclocked to 2.9. Now everything seems fine and all but when i look at the Nividia controll panel it tells me that the 7950GX2 is only running at 1x and not 16x. Can someon help me.
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  1. Well first does it seem if your 7950GX2 is running AT PCI-E 1x i mean you could tell if it was, second make sure you have the new 91.41 drivers. I mean if you put it in the X16 slot theres no reason why it wouldnt run at X16.
  2. Well i have really noticed a difference in gameplay, i play allot of Battlefield2 and i used to be able to hit nothing less than 75fps on another board the Asus p5wdh it just wasnt that great of an overclocker hence why now i have the DQ6 which now it hard to even get to 45fps with it stuck somehow on 1x. And yes its put in the 16x slot there is no way of putting the 7950gx2 on a 1x slot and yes its on slot 1. :(
  3. I have tried both slots and no go they both say 1x bellieve me it was a pain putting that card on the bottom slot.
  4. Never heard of anything like that; try updating your bios.
  5. I have updated to the latest bios F4 on that board, i just came back from my local computer store exchanged the board and to my dismay the same problem. I tried my card on a friends computer and it ran fine all day yesterday not once did it ever come back showing 1x ive emailed gigabyte and theyve not replied yet. This really sucks if this continues im just going back to asus whats the point of overclocking like crazy if you cant play your games.
  6. Man, ima stay away from Gigabyte then...
  7. Quote:
    Man, ima stay away from Gigabyte then...

    Gigabyte is Asus now.
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