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E6600 P5WDH Instability @ 3.6 GHz

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September 15, 2006 1:01:26 AM

I've been trying by trial and error to get my E6600 to OC to 3.6Ghz using the core 2 overclock guide. I can run stable all day @ 3.5Ghz. I get an error with Prime95 as soon as I start running the 2nd torture test (both small ffts). I haven't a clue as to what voltage or other adjustments I should try to get it stable.

I have an E6600 stepping 6 rev b2, Gskill pcc-6400 4-4-4-12, and CPU water cooling (stock on motherboard). , bios ver 1101 [0901], 9x multiplier, Dram spd enabled.

Current settings set at:

CPU Freq 401
Dram Freq DDR2-802MHz

Memory 2.2V
CPU Vcore 1.55V
FSB 1.40V
MCH 1.65V
ICH Auto

Any working setups / suggestions would be appreciated.


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September 15, 2006 10:25:14 AM

I have an e6600 which will not post at 400Mhz FSB. I am using a Gigabyte965 S3 mobo, with Musking DDR667 XP memory. The same setup worked flawlessly with a e6400 @400Mhz FSB will all settings set to standard. I have the e6600 running @ 390 Mhz FSB @1.425 Vcore the rest of the settings standard. I dont run prime95 or the memtest. I run 3DMark2005 and get 7825 marks. I run 3DMark2006 and get 3125 marks.
I play F.E.A.R and UT2004 and Prey games. All work flawlessly. I burn a few DVD's and surf the internet. My system runs totally stable for what I use it for. Easy Tune reports my CPU temp at 37*C and Sys Temp 34*C. It runs at 44*C under load. I have tried to up the voltage to 1.5 for Vcore, but it will not boot @ 400 Mhz FSB. I really dont want to run the CPU at 1.5V. I think it is the limitation of the e6600 that prevents me from running at 400 Mhz. I have tried everything suggested in the OC guide setup and nothing has allowed me to boot at 400 Mhz FSB. I am pleased with the overclock I have achieved and it works flawlessly for me.

Intel e6600
Gigabyte GA965 S3
Muskin XP DDR 667
Zalman 9500
WD 250 GB Sata II
September 16, 2006 3:11:58 PM

These settings work for 3.6ghz.

CPU : E6600 @ 3.6ghz Air Cooled
RAM : OCZ 6400 Gold Gamer (Timing suck on this not recommended)
COOLER : Zalman CNPS9500 AT
MB : Asus P5W DH Deluxe
BIOS : 1401

FSB : 400
PCI-E : 101
PCI : 33
VCORE : 1.5875
vFSB : 1.3
MCH : 1.65
ICH : Auto

Memory timings set on Auto and the other 2 settings disabled. The timings are weird and not running at the rated values. I'm guessing its the ram but I may try and set them manually.

Running at this speed on Air makes me a bit nervous see as the temps reach into the 70c+ mark when running Orthos dual prime. You will notice I only ran this for 24 seconds for this picture but ran it prevously for 2 minutes. Using PC Probe the temps are much lower mid 50's but it seems to measure external CPU temp instead of internal like Core Temp does.