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I currently have an amd 2000+ with a 9600xt 128mb. I'm running an antec truepower 550w psu.

I'm planning on upgrading to socket 939 with a 1900xt 256mb pci-express around x-mas time. I was wondering if anybody had any ideas for a brand of case with psu included (most bang for my buck).

I'm looking at SLK3800B. I'm going to use my current antec in my new system and use my new psu in this system so my sister can get herself a new pc. she doesn't game. it should last her a long time.

any help is appreciated.
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  1. It's tough to beat an Antec... Unless it is another Antec!

    Check out this Antec SONATA II w/ SP450 for $103 shipped @ chiefvalue, only a few dollars more and a nicer case IMO.

    edit - noticed newegg has a $20 instant and $15 MIR with the sonata II so that helps, $110 shipped w/ $15 MIR
  2. ok...I have an antec 550w truecontrol I guess it is. it only has 1 12v rail and it's at 24 amps. which psu would be better suited to run my new system? the 550w truecontrol or the 450w smartpower which has 2 12v rails at 15 and 17 amps?

    amd 64 4000+ with 2 gig patriot pc3200, ati 1900xt 256mb, 1 dvd-rw, 1 sata2 hd
  3. Either should work:
    eXtreme PSU calc"]System Type: Single Processor
    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 4000+ 2400 MHz Clawhammer
    CPU Utilization (TDP): 100% TDP

    RAM: 2 Sticks DDR SDRAM
    Video Card: ATI Radeon X1900 XT
    Video Type: Single Card


    DVD-RW/DVD+RW Drive: 1 Drive

    Sound Blaster - All Models: Yes

    Regular: 1 Fan 80mm; 1 Fan 120mm;

    Motherboard, keyboard and mouse: Yes

    PSU Utilization: 100% (peak utilization)

    Total: 307 Watts

    © 2004 - 2006 and it's licensors. All rights reserved.
    The x1900xt will use at best 109w or 9A on the +12, the cpu should not use more than 89w or 7.4A, and 4A for an hdd, cdrom and fans so around 20.4A max current demand on the +12.

    So the truecontrol should work, but it does lack both the second rail and the 20+4 atx connector - which is nice for the pci-e bus power as well.
  4. ok, I give up on trying to get a quality psu included with a case, even from antec. I'm gonna just buy a psu from chief value(thanks for that, I had no idea who they were). now I just need a decent case for $50-75.

    any ideas are much appreciated
  5. Chiefvalue comes through again with the Cooler Master CAC-T05UW for $54 shipped.
  6. I wouldn´t recommend smart power -series. I have workstation built in SonataII case and the first PSU (sp-450) died after 6 months and second smartasspower after 3 months. Then I got NeoHE 430 as a replacement. Rock solid, quiet and stable volts.
  7. Your currnet PSU should work with the new components. And I'll second that recommendation to get the Sonata II for the other computer.
  8. I got this Sonata-II case 9 months ago and never had a problem with the PSU. I currently have 4 hdd's in this case along with specs in sig.
  9. ok, I appreciate all the help I've been receiving

    I was considering just getting a 7600gt or a 1900gt instead of a 1900xt. I'd much prefer the 1900gt, but the psu is an issue. I would like to try to continue using the antec truecontrol I already have until I can get a truepower with dual 12v rails, probably 3-6 months. it only has a 20 pin connector though.

    do I understand correctly when I think the extra 4 pins are for the pci-e connection and the power it requires, since it has more power than the agp slot? with a low power card will it still be an issue with burning out some of the pins in my system? I'd rather wait and get a good psu instead of spending an extra $40-50 on a case with a smart power. but I'll go that route if using the 20 pin connector is going to be a problem.

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