Pentium 300 mhz MMX

Is there such a thing ?

I'll tell you my situation . . . I've got an older IBM Aptiva 21400 series "L", that has a 233 mhz MMX. The elderly couple (meaning that they don't have a lot of bucks to buy a new computer) added DSL to their existing computer and the Verizon (dsl provider) software requires a CPU speed of 300 mhz or faster.
I'm fairly sure that the motherboard and/or Bios will not support the AMD K5 or K6 CPU's. (Please correct me here) I'm under the impression that the AMD K5/6 2.2 volt core won't play nice in this older Aptiva, ( bios date of 1997-98 ) with the P MMX running at 2.8v !
I don't have the manual for the motherboard and I looked and didn't see any CPU jumpers (there may be, I just didn't see them) to adjust core volts.

So is/was there a Pentium MMX 300mhz CPU or maybe an AMD Socket 7 CPU that is 300 mhz or above that is 2.8v core compliant ?

Thanks all and if there is a Pentium MMX 300mhz, does any one want to part with one ?
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  1. PMMX 300, doesn't exist for Socket 7... but you can safely ignore the CPU speed requirements, it doesn't really matter. The CPU speed requirement is more of a recommendation.
  2. Well you wont be able to use an AMD K6/K7 cpu on that motherboard anyway since its a different socket.

    EDIT: You know, you can build really cheap computers these days, and it may only cost them $200 to upgrade motherboard cpu and ram; if they only got 512mb.
  3. If you're fortunate to be near a surplus warehouse, go pick up a P3 for $20-30. That's the price of a P3 Coppermine 667 at my local university surplus.
  4. Is a p3 coppermine a socket 7 ?
  5. A socketed P3 is a Socket 370 chip.

    Sorry, should have elaborated. At my local university surplus, I picked up a P3 *COMPUTER* (Everything except hard drive) for $25.
  6. and a socket 370 is not a socket 7 correct?

    is there an adapter ?

    I realize I'm pushing a chain uphill here but . . .
  7. Quote:
    Sorry, should have elaborated. At my local university surplus, I picked up a P3 *COMPUTER* (Everything except hard drive) for $25.

    Ho.Ly Shit.
    WhereTF do you go to school?
  8. I think the keyword here is "I picked up a P3 *COMPUTER* (Everything except hard drive) for $25". Obsolete systems come cheap.

    Forget about upgrading, it's not possible with your Socket 7 motherboard. The PMMX 233 is the HIGHEST END Pentium MMX you can get.


    Ho.Ly ****.
    WhereTF do you go to school?

    For privacy interests, a "state-funded university"

    Surplus shopping is delicious. Government surplus, like state-funded university surplus or state government surplus, is typically a goldmine of supercheap goods.

    Police-seized (ie. stolen, and thus expensive) property shows up at my local state government surplus regularly.

    I'm sure you could find P3s for $25 at almost any surplus warehouse, though government surplus is tasty because a lot of government agencies are chucking out Dell P3s for newer computers.
  9. Is it best to buy without the HD's from the police seized? you know, just in case there ae some "Easter eggs" or just go on ahead?
  10. Here's the thing with the hardware requirement for DSL or cable.. it don't mean anything. As long as the computer has or can support ethernet - that is all you need. If the computer is fast enough for the user to be happy browsing the web or reading e-mail on that old computer then the speed requirement they quote is meaningless. I frequently browse the net and check e-mail on an old 300Mhz laptop - it is slow but it gets the job done. Now, if you need to connect to the DSL modem with USB and the machine only has Win95 then you have a problem.
  11. Amen,
    The CPU speed requirement is more of a recommendation.
  12. Tere is even a Pentium333 mmx for mobile devices(low voltage)
    k5 is weaker than pentium mmx, the first k6 166 and 200 MHz are 2.9 V and are as
    "fast" the mmx, all the cyrix 686mmx are 2.9 v, I think they top at PR333 and are as "fast" as the mmx, and the cyrix mII is also running at 2.9 V PENTIUM2RTING 233-333(little faster).
    You should buy a new pc, last year I bought for 70 E a athlon 1900+,768 mb ram, 40gb hdd,combo drive,Fx 5200 128 mb
  13. I'd assume, since you necro'd this thread after about 2.5 years, that the OP has already found a resolution.
  14. Nice bump there.
  15. Nice edit there Uguv :P
  16. Yeah I was thinking we were still in 2008 not 2009. Must be getting old!
  17. Apart from that the original thread is actually from 09-15-2006 lol
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