Question about Tyan Tempest i5000PW!

Okay... so I'm wondering if anyone would happen to know the dimension of the riser cards on this motherboard. I've sent Tyan at least 50 emails concerning this and they've never responded. Mind you this was at least a few months ago...

Anyways... all replies are welcome... and I know I"m going to get flamed for this...
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  1. When the riser cards are seated in the slots on the motherboard they extend 6in (15cm) above the surface of the motherboard.

    FWIW, the motherboard and risers fit nicely in a CoolerMaster Stacker case with an additional inch to spare.

    From front to back, they are 6.5in (16.5cm) long.

    The remaining dimension is that both risers mounted together (in their purpose built mounting cage supplied with the mobo) add up to 4in (10cm) wide. This dimension includes the protrusion of installed sticks of memory.
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