Problems running 3D with HIS 1900gt graphics card

I have an 'ASRock conroe esata 2' mobo and the HIS 1900gt graphics card. I am trying to install this card. I have used the drivers which came with the card and when I look in the device manager, there is nothing outstanding to install (ati control centre even recognises this card and I can play with the basic and advance settings). Under the system display: - I can see the system is aware that a 1900gt card is present and running the display. The problem occurs when trying to run a game(e.g. Far Cry). After installing far cry and the card drivers several times, I try to start the game each time and it doesn't even show any menus. It just immediately stops running (no error messages).
I also tried Sim City 4. Can't even install this onto system.
My pioneer 111b dvd drive is running fine (dvd movies work ok).
How do I fix this problem?
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  1. Can you try a different card on the motherboard, or try the card in a different computer? It sounds like the 3D bit of the card is bust.
  2. Where did you get your card and how much did you pay for it?
  3. I got the card from overclockers for £155.

    I tried a new install with the 6.8 drivers and 2.0 .net files. I also used direct x 9.0c.

    This game and others don't work. I get an access violation message. I looked in the windows32 folder and checked directx and it isn't the 9.0c version. I have tried to load the 9.0c version but it doesn't seem to load. I think there is a problem with the direct access memory.

    Any solutions?
  4. Quote:

    Any solutions?

    I would try driver cleaner from, if that didnt work, I would format and reinstall windows.
  5. Fixed the problem. It was my OS (windows XP). There were a few bugs on it. Tried a friends and it worked fine.
  6. Great :D
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