LG DVD drive problem

Hi Guys
My LG DVD-RW drive cannot read .exe files, neither can it run "autorun".
I just built my pc, with a fresh copy of windows.. (I installed windows using that drive though). What could the problem be? I then connected one of my old DVD drives, and it worked perfectly..

PC specs:
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
XFX 7900GTX Extreme Edition
2x1GB OCZ DDR2 667 (4-4-4-8) RAM
LG DVD-RW Lightscribe drive
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  1. The problem could be many things.

    Can you copy a .exe file off the disk to the hard disk and run it there? Are you just having troubles running programs off the disk?
  2. I got exactly the same situation - same Motherboard with an LG GDR-8164B - just a DVD-R. Also had installed Windows, but couldn't install anything else.
    I replaced the drive with one from my old PC and it all worked.
    I assumed the drive was faulty and returned it.
    Now I wonder...
  3. I couldn't copy the .exe files either. But other files could be read - sometimes vy slow though.
  4. How odd.

    Download Knoppix, burn it, boot from it, and see if you can read .exe files then. If you can then it's something to do with Windows doing summat odd.
  5. The Drive has been returned now, so I can't do that test.

    Good tip, though - I had never heard of Knoppix.
  6. Knoppix is an essential part of any computer geek's toolkit ;)
  7. I just had the drive replaced just now.. It was in fact faulty..
    Let the gaming begin! :)
    Thanks guys
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