my mouse is out of control

i had a microsoft wireless mouse and the cursor would move around the screen without me moving it so i purchased a wired optical mouse from logitech and i am still getting the same problem, i have tryed 4 different mouse now and im all getting the same problem. anyone know whats going on?
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  1. I get the same problem when playing Bf2 randomly I start spining around very fast, I too have a logitech wired optical mouse, I take a Q tip dip it in rubbing alcohol (moist not driping) and clean the lit sensor area under the mouse and that seems to help.
  2. Have you tried changing your mouse mat if you are using on?

    Optical mice dont like some mouse mats, espcially holographic ones. Simple cheap foam with cloth surface are usually better. Or put it on your table.
  3. sounds like a little virus (drunkmouse if i remember right) to me, it will move your cursor without you doing anything and also it will move it in random directions when you do. i once installed it onto my system just for a laugh id check out your task manager then run a virus check should clear it
  4. Probably just your mouse mat is too shiny. Optical mice don't like shiny.
  5. sound like there's a real mouse on those mouse. Or you just killed the mouse and it's not totally dead yet ? :lol:
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