Missing hdd space

Ok i have two identical 80GB hard drives (samsung something-arathers) my primary one i've had for a while is fine and regestering as about 76 odd GB

But the second one, all ntfs things including vista think its only 32GB and only let me put a 32GB partition on it so i though fine i'll go linux and successfully made a 76 odd GB linux partition and put linux on it.

I'm now sick of messing round with linux trying to get things to work like internal dial-up modems so i've gone back to windows. But like i say ntfs seems to think i my second hard drive is 32GB.

Also i have a mate who has a primary hard drive idenical to mine i think and a 200GB samsung something-arather. He is losing about the same amout of hard drive space on his 200GB (second hard drive) as me.

:idea: Fix it ideas anyone?
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  1. do you mean you loose some space after formatting ?
  2. My suspicion is that you've enabled the 32Gb clip jumper.

    This causes the drive to report itself to the BIOS as a 32Gb drive. Windows looks at the BIOS and goes "32Gb, right, let's make a partition". Linux looks at the drive, and goes "hang on, there's more space than that..."

    Pull the drive and look at the jumpers on the back. One of them should be a 32gb clip jumper. Pull that off, and try again.
  3. wow hit the nail on the head mkaibear thanks

    won't be doing that again :wink:
  4. Goodo :)

    Glad to be of service!
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