Install Win XP over Win 7 (64bit) Lenovo Z560

I am following sevenforum Tutorial;
I am trying to install Win XP over Win 7 (64bit) on my Lenovo Z560.
Most (if not all) laptops does not have Floppy Drive any more and the tutorial suggests that I have to use a floppy disk to install Win XP SATA Driver/s just before I start to install Win XP to my laptop.
How important to do this step? Can it be done later?
The only way seems to be is using an external USB Floppy Drive?
Then again, if I CAN NOT use a USB Flash drive to load the driver/s, will the external USB floppy drive work at this stage of Win XP installation?
Any suggestions?
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  1. Yes, I have... But I thought there would be an easier way, may be :)
    This is a big task and if I have no choice I will have to do it, I guess...
  2. It might work without doing that step but it does work i have done a few dual boots and i have a triboot!
  3. Thank you for your help :)
    It looks like I have a long day ahead of me...
  4. You will be glad you did this!

    this is another great booting toll!
  6. But the SATA drivers will only be your first obstacle. . . You will by lucky if you manage to find XP drivers for all the hardware in your laptop.
  7. How about that! I did not realize Lenovo was still supporting XP on some of their models. I knew that HP still does on some of their business class laptops.
  8. not very many ,just a few models!
  9. Hi,
    Thank you all... Seven forum tutorial worked like a charm :)
    Lenovo support site have all XP drivers. I was not sure about SATA driver, but I picked AHCI drivers, slipstreamed Win XP, installed XP, added all Lenovo XP drivers & done...
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