I hate laptops!

I have an Alienware laptop with a 7800 Geforce and 2gb of ram. I am playing C&C Generals and the thing will start to run slow and crappy. The HDD light stays on constantly.


It's not overheating and there is no "Speedstep" shit to turn off. Also, the HDD is defragged and all that crap too.

Any ideas other than the obvious?
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  1. Have you looked at what processes are running when you are playing? What about minimized aps or apps that use an icon on the start bar?

    Also, have you tried running any hard drive diagnostics to see if the drive is having problems?
  2. I have an Alienware M7700 laptop. It about 18 months old now. Other than the fact that it runs thermonuclear, I love the thing, It plays all my games pretty well in fact. It's great for LAN parties and such.

    I have never had problems with my games except once and that was due to a bunch of junk that came in while I was attached to a hotel network.

    Long story short, mine works great for gaming.

    Make sure you don't have the normal junk like a virus, or spyware.
  3. I spoke too soon, it is a heat issue.

  4. laptops battery also slows down gaming.
    thats make me hates laptops.
  5. I cleaned out the vents that allow hot air to flow out and I recommended the owner of the Alienware to use a cooling pad. Apparently he was using it close to a wall where the GPU vent could not breathe. It's been running fine now with the cooling pad and the vent not closed in. The thing has the 7800 Geforce and a 3.8ghz P4 HT. That thing can heat a house in the winter!


    The HDD light is always on in C&C Generals now but it doesn't affect gaming performance. Screw it.
  6. It sounds like C&C G is causing the OS to access a lot of swap space a lot - odd.
  7. Quote:
    laptops battery also slows down gaming.
    thats make me hates laptops.

    hey, its a laptop. you want a high-end cpu crammed into a teeny weeny space, you will have trade-offs. you want better cooling with portability? get one of those shuttle mini type cases.
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