What's better, a 1:1 memory ratio or higher RAM speeds ??

I've been back and forth all day and was hoping we can get closure on this. I dont really know the advantages and disadvantages or either one.

As it stands now, I am assuming that the higher the speed, the better off I am, no matter what my RAM speed to FSB ratio looks like. AM I A FOOL?

The whole timings to higher speeds question we can save for another day. Too much info for a virginal mind.
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  1. No simple answer: see http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=getarticle&number=1&artpage=1962&articID=472
    It doesn't just *seem* like a hard topic, it actually *is* a hard topic! However, overall performance differences between different ram speeds & timings should be under 10%, so failure to optimize does not carry a big penalty.
  2. Reading the info now, thanks!
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