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I'm seeing on the forums people using the P5W DH mobo with bios's like 1401 and 1402 but dont know where to get them from.

i am currently using 1305
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  1. Here you go. This is what i'm running now. I am looking for 1405 which is said to be released just haven't found it yet.


    The latest releases seem to always appear here in the first post. http://www.forumdeluxx.de/forum/showthread.php?t=256507
  2. thanks for that lethalinjection, asus are terrible at releasing downloads
  3. be cautious...

    I'm running BIOS 1402, however, I think my overclocks were more stable with 1305. Someoone else on the forums stating the same. So, if you're into over clocking, tread safely... I know you can flash to an older one, but if you're like me and too lazy... then...

    I dunno
  4. I am into overclocking as it goes so thanks for that bit of advice, what results have you had with your core 2 and does 1402 unlock the cpus multi downwards
  5. 1403 does and thats what i'm running stable on now. The whole temperature debate has me holding back from running 3.6ghz on air because I was peaking into the 72c area using core temp. But this bios runs stable for me until I hit 426fsb with 8x multi.
  6. I dont know what to believe when it comes to temps core says i'm 10 C hotter than asus probe
  7. right now, my C2D E6600 only goes downward. I think I read somewhere that there are very very few conroes out there, that aren't extreme that do unlock up and down.

    Anyways... with the new BIOS, I just stuck with 333*9 = 2997 and set my RAM to 666 @ 4-4-4-12.

    I think the highest I've gotten was 3.6GHz... or was it 3.4GHz one or the other, but when I tried to run once instance of Prime95, the computer rebooted. Right now, I'm waiting for OCZ to send me their 3rd Power Supply, since the last 2 had too high of a voltage on the 12V (I was getting 12.72V)

    They're nice though and giving me a free upgrade to the 700W, which they said they were going to test at their own facility and have it shipped directly from there rather than nxxxxx.com Should be in tomorrow.. Then I'll try and overclock again.
  8. Quote:
    I dont know what to believe when it comes to temps core says i'm 10 C hotter than asus probe

    you must have not gotten the memo :P

    ASUS Probe is crap!

    Use Intel TAT or Core Temp for more accurate results ;)
  9. What volts are you using to get your overclocks?
  10. Quote:
    CPU : E6600 @ 3.6ghz Air Cooled
    RAM : OCZ 6400 Gold Gamer
    VIDEO : X1900XTX
    COOLER : Zalman CNPS9500 AT
    MB : Asus P5W DH Deluxe
    BIOS : 1401

    FSB : 400
    PCI-E : 101
    PCI : 33
    VCORE : 1.5875
    vFSB : 1.3
    MCH : 1.65
    ICH : Auto

    Memory timings set on Auto and the other 2 settings disabled.

    Running at this speed on Air makes me a bit nervous see as the temps reach into the 70c+ mark when running Orthos dual prime. You will notice I only ran this for 24 seconds for this picture but ran it prevously for 2 minutes. Using PC Probe the temps are much lower mid 50's but it seems to measure external CPU temp instead of internal like Core Temp does.

  11. CPU : E6600 @ 3.2ghz Air Cooled
    RAM : OCZ 6400 Gold Gamer
    VIDEO : X1900XTX
    COOLER : Zalman CNPS9500 AT
    MB : Asus P5W DH Deluxe
    BIOS : 1403
    Mulitplyer : 8x

    FSB : 400
    PCI-E : 100
    PCI : 33
    VCORE : 1.38
    vFSB : Auto
    MCH : Auto
    ICH : Auto


    If found a new bios for my P5W DH Deluxe lastnight. It allows me to underclock my CPU by changing the multiplyer. I read that the PB5 can do this already so this may work well for you.

    Here is what I did. I boosted my FSB to 400 so that my ram would run at 800. I changed the VCORE from 1.3v (stock) to 1.38v. I set the PCI-E to 100 and the PCI to 33. I set the ram to run at 800 and everything else was left on Auto.

    I also disabled hyperpath3 and DRAM Thottling left the DRAM Timings on auto.

    Orthos reports the CPU speed wrong for some reason when the multiplyer is lowered.

  12. nice overclock i just found something that will help with your temp problem at 3.6.


    looks one hell of a cooler
  13. I think I used 1.4V just to keep it stable, but that was with a temp power supply (Antec 480 TruePower II)

    I'm waiting for my OCZ GameXStream 700W 8)
  14. Bios 1405 has been released you will find it here.

    Bios 1405

    I have no clue what has been changed yet.
  15. when in the world is ASUS going to release these on their servers?! :evil:

    I'm a little nervous of using these new BIOS! Right now, I'm using 1402.

    Can someone try the BOIS and report anything new?

    As of now, the multiplier has been unlocked (down only for E6600).
  16. Quote:
    when in the world is ASUS going to release these on their servers?! :evil:

    I'm a little nervous of using these new BIOS! Right now, I'm using 1402.

    Can someone try the BOIS and report anything new?

    As of now, the multiplier has been unlocked (down only for E6600).

    I flashed the 1405 and i'm running just fine. They added an onboard audio option for "Vista" or "Non-Vista". I also read that this bios is more stable and allows higher FSB if you were getting stuck.
  17. Any chance of a link to the 1405 bios download?
  18. I have the link above :lol:
  19. sorry didnt see that up there
  20. I got same p5w dh deluxe pc8000 ddr2 and conroe 6600

    running fine at 333 x 9 3ghz

    ? what is the memory settings about. Im running at ddr889 i think and cpuz reports my memory to be at 416.6 mhz, what kind of ram do i need to hit 1066 with my ram cause my fsb is already 1333 Anything over ddr2 889 and my system hangs. Is there any ram that can hit 1066 or hgiher, why was my ram advertised as 1066mhz ram when it can only handle 889mhz im new to intel overclocking can someone clear this up.

    Also can people please post their sandra 2007le memory bandwidth score.

    Mine is 5450mb/s Can or cant this speed be bumped up to 10000mb/s like what sandra lists as a capapble speed for a 775 975x based system at 1066 ??????????

    alo fyi my cpu idles at 78F at 3ghz with a zalman cooler.
  21. I hope you're not listing the temp of the CPU that ASUS reports... because ASUS Probe reads from a different sensor. Use Core Temp or TAT to figure out the real temperature.

    Also, you do know you can lower your RAM speed to make it stable. In the BIOS, where it lists your RAM (ex. DDR2-889) You should be able to select it and change it. With 333 x 9, I changed my RAM speed to 666 (er, don't like this number) to keep it stable. Try that. I'm not overclocking until I get a aftermarket CPU cooler. But so far, with stock, I've reached 356 * 9 = 3204MHz. And I just lowered the RAM speed to the 700-800 MHz range and it worked fine and was dual Prime Stable. However, I didn't like the temps that my CPU was reaching, so I reset it back to stock for now. Also, how is your NB and SB temps doing? (forget which one ASUS Probe measures).
  22. I've got a question here too.

    I've currently got the 1305 BIOS. In Ai Booster and in CPU-Z, my core voltage is off and fluctuating. I'm currently running at 333@9 on my E6600 following wusy's guide. I have the voltage set at 1.375 in the BIOS. However in Ai Booster and CPU-Z (both are giving identical readings) its showing that my Vcore is flucuating between 1.328 and 1.352. Thats only a .024 fluctuation but my concern is that I'm not getting the 1.375V I have set. I'm getting .025 less. Now my system is completely stable and I've had SETI@Home maxing out both cores for 8-12 hours a few times with no problems.

    My actual rail voltages off the PSU in the BIOS are showing nice a solid (very very little fluctuation). I asked Asus and they said the motherboard controls the Vcore.

    My question is why is my Vcore lower than what I've set? And is a .024V fluctuation bad? wusy's guide said it shouldn't fluctuate more than .1V so I'm far from that.

    Would updating to a new BIOS fix the low voltage issue or is it not even an issue?
  23. I wouldn't be too concern about it. Btw, there was no need to up any of the voltages for 333 * 9. Mine ran just fine and stable at stock voltages. Also note, the readings from the BIOS and ASUS probe are both going to be the same. To get a more accurate rating, use a volt meter! And you can update to the latest BIOS and try and if it doesn't work, revert back to 1305. Other than that, I really haven't seen much improvement other than being able to unlock the multiplier. However, it only unlocks down (not surprised). Also, be sure to use Core Temp or TAT to measure the temp of your CPU as ASUS Probe and the BIOS read from a different sensor (measures the outside of the core, not inside the core itself).

    Good Luck.

    P.S. If it's stable and works, leave it alone! LOL!
  24. Yeah I'm using Core Temp. I seem to be getting slightly higher temps than what others say(40C at idle at 3GHz, 51C at load at 3GHz) so I'll probably pull the HSF off and reseat it. I did have a pin holding the HSF on not go in all the way so I pushed it in, but some air probably got stuck between there. So I'm gonna start fresh, clean the processor and HSF off, and redo it.

    Before I did anything I also replaced the thermal pads on the South Bridge and North bridge with Artic Silver 5. I know the System temp reported in Ai Booster is the South bridge but its reading about 31C which is good.

    What's also odd is that I can't adjust the FSB speed in the BIOS. I have to do it through Ai Booster. It just won't pull up the list to select the FSB speed in the BIOS. No idea why. Is there some setting that needs to be enabled/disabled to adjust this?

    I have OCZ DDR2-800 5-5-5-15 memory but am currently running it at DDR2-667 (333FSB 1:1) 4-4-4-10. Would I gain any noticeable difference from changing to the higher latency but faster speed?
  25. Go back into your BIOS and look for the JumperFree Configuration. Check there and make sure you don't have ASUS NOS or whatever it's call and change it to manual. Once you do that, you'll be able to configure the FSB as you like. Note though, that by changing it the BIOS manually stops AI Booster from working.

    I have OCZ DDR2-800 5-5-5-15 memory but am currently running it at DDR2-667 (333FSB 1:1) 4-4-4-10. Would I gain any noticeable difference from changing to the higher latency but faster speed?

    don't think so. It's nice if you can stay with a 1:1 ration between the RAM and the CPU.

    P.S. I just ordered a Thermaltake Liquid Cooling for my CPU to see if I can lower my temps before overclocking. Will let you know how it works. During that process, I will also remove the thermal crap stuff on the SB and NB that came stock and replace it with AS5 to see if that helps.
  26. It is on manual. Thats why its weird.

    I thought about water cooling, just most of the assembled kits I keep reading that in 2-3 months the pump dies or something gets loose or breaks and causes the system to leak.

    I'm gonna look into it more. I'm only looking to get about 3.2GHz out of the system because that will be more than enough. I'm not looking to get the maximum overclock. Even at 3.0GHz this thing screams with the X1950XTX I got in it. Once R600 comes out and the initial rush stops, I'm gonna pick one of them up and do crossfire with physics.
  27. I just hit 3.6ghz with my p5w dh deluxe pc8000 ddr2 and conroe 6600.

    It ran stable all day until I put the case back together. Then the mobo temp went to 120F and the system shut down. The cpu maxed out at 90F. Which temp do you think was the one to shut me down. I figure the mobo was the culprit. What are the acceptable temps in F for this kinda system, I havent owned an intel system in years.

    New benchmarks. with sandra 2007 Pretty Good I have to say if not best in the market crushing just about all there is.

    400 x 9 = 3600mhz

    arthimetic cpu benchmark

    30253 drystone
    20624 whetstone

    memory band
    6541 mb/s
  28. what RAM are you using again? I tried to lower the multiplier to 8 and push the FSB to 400, but my computer just kind of hung up on reboot. As of now, it runs stable at 333 x 9 which I honestly think isn't bad. With stock cooling at performance mode, the CPU never hit 70C with TAT. Ran it last night while I was sleeping :P However, I did notice my room was a bit warmer this morning 8O

    Can't wait to get my liquid cooler!

    just go to the ASUS website. I would post link, but as soon as I got down downloading the BIOS, I tried to check for other updates and the ASUS site got hammered!

    Will test new BIOS tonight and post results.
  30. Here is my memory

    From mwave.com

    Today im running at 366 x 9 = 3329mhz stable, and memory is at ddr2 915 I believe which is 458mhz 4:5 5 5 5 15 This is the fastest my memory will hit before the system will not post. I can not hit ddr2 1000 1:1, no matter what my timmings are. I though I was getting memory that could hit those speeds but I guess I was wrong, kinds disapointed because the memory speed is the bottleneck of this system.

    I really want to achieve ddr1000 1:1 at fsb 400 x 9 but I guess I need better memory for that. Can anyone confirm this.

    What temps apps are you using is the asus one anygood. Today im at 80f cpu and 108f mobo.
  31. um, I'm not quite sure if the mobo can hit 1000MHz on the memory there. Try lowering it to 800 MHz so that it is 1:1 ratio with the CPU when trying to hit 400 x 9. Today, I hit 400 x 9 @ 1.51V However, after that, my system froze (well, I am using a stock cooler. Still waiting on my liquid coolre though ). But yea, lower your RAM speed down and have the memory settings to 4-4-4-12 @ 2.1V or 2.2V. Try those, but heed with caution. Wusy's guide is very adequate, but only if you don't use stock cooling :oops:

    Other note: 1407 BIOS... no difference drom 1405 other than 1407 was posted on the ASUS website.
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