Onboard GMA 950 incompatible with Steam

my compaq notebook with 128mb intel GMA 950 is not supported by steam for some reason so i can't play CSS. I see the loading screen then it just goes black. with speakers one i can hear the menu's noise so the game is working. The steam forum is no help cause it takes forever getting the activation. anyone know a fix? I've installed DX9 and the latest intel driver.
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  1. I wouldn't expect much from integrated graphics... especially in a notebook.

  2. actually, my dad's emachine wth celeron 2g + 32mb integrated intel graphic + 384mb of ram played HL2 fine at low res. this notebook is more powerful than that. can anyone point me to the right direction?
  3. You might try downloading something like the Half-Life 2 Demo. It's free and runs on the same engine as Counter-Strike Source, so giving it a try could tell you whether it's a problem with Counter-Strike Source itself or all games built on the Source engine.
  4. tried HL2 DM and HL2, same problem. I managed to get video once by directly joining a server, but the game crashed when i tried to lower the video setting. Steam forum won't let me post cause i'm still awaiting moderator activation even though i registered 8 month ago and clicked the confirmation e-mail link........maybe you guys can help me with that problem first.

    well, if it doesn't work on this laptop, i'll just have to play on my desktop.
  5. GMA950 is not strong enough for for css

    i played cs on GMA950 and bad frame rates, So i upgraded to x800GTO, now i can play cs:s @ 131 fps stress test full aa af everything else low

    -i mean it is compatable but not strong enough
  6. i believe u r screwed man...
    i also got gma950 macbook...
    currently running windows vista rc1 with aero enabled with gma950;
    all games work fine except steam products...
    i contacted the steam;
    their answer was simple...
    too bad...
    fxxkin steam...
  7. Add the flag -dxlevel 80 in startup options and it will run. (Expect really bad framerates like 20 average, At least for me on my macbook)

    edit: If you had googled it or searched the steam forums you would have found this :P.
  8. I can't help you with your problem, but below is a link to Intel's site that lists games that the GMA 950 can handle:

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