Video card requires ???? amps? You guys know the answer!

I am in need of a new PSU ( yes, I am in the right section). I am purchasing an ati x1900xtx vid card. How many amps do I need on that 12V rail? More amps = better over clocking?

I want a PSU that will handle just 1 card (mobo doesn't support crossfire and don't plan on doing that with this system).

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  1. What PSU do you have right now? What's the brand/model? What are your complete system specs?

    Also, I should mention that the X1950XTX is out, and it delivers slightly better performance than the X1900XTX. Connect3D RX1950XTX: $460

    They recommend a 450+ watt PSU, and I'd get one with a combined +12V amperage of AT LEAST 30A. The more amps, the better, and make sure to stick to the good brands.
  2. In dealing with tech support from most major graphics card companies, they pretty much tote the same line - one of the first questions they'll ask you is if you have a PSU that has a minimum of 22amps across the 12v rails. If you don't they won't even help you any further until that requirement is met.

    angry_ducky's advice is solid
  3. Okay,then Ill list mine,its a 420 watt enermax with 29 total amps across the the 12 volt rails,18 availible on each.Im planning on getting the lil lil brother,the 1900xt 256mb.No overclock will be involved,only a 89 watt athlon one sata HD a sound card and a modem.Good enuff for that?
  4. Dual opterons (try 250s @ 2.4 ghz), 4 HDDs, 2 optical drives, 2 liquid cooling systems. Some other fans. Maybe add an audio card. Adding x1900xtx (i can get it for abotu 300 on new egg, I'll go up higher when DX 10 comes out).

    I had a 660 watt enermax (it died on me) and it held up well until then. I think it was a surge, not that the PSU couldn't handle it. I was looking at PSUs with 18 amps per 12v rail. They had some as low as 15 amps. The ones that are 18 amps , had four 12v rails with 18 amps each. I think that'll handle it. lol.
  5. Yes, it will power that equipment. It might even leave you a tad bit of room for upgrading but, not much
  6. Um, that would be a 750 watt PSU with four 12v rails @ 18 amps. Going up to 1000 watt would drop me down to 4 or 5 rails @ 17 to 15 amps each. Thats better since there's more rails? Maybe, I need a 2kilowatt PSU, lol, jk.
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