no boot p5w dh deluxe help .. driving me nuts!!!

hi guys been reading this thread with interest as my pc has developed the same kind of issue....

was working fine for weeks and all of a sudden the pc will switch on with fans on full but no post...
what i notice is that the power and reset lights on the pc stay on all the time and the x1900xt card has 2 leds on it these both stay on all the time , no post beeps no nothing...
i have taken the graphic card and used it in another pc however re installing the card in the asus it will return to the same .. both leds on...

the only way i have been able to get the pc to boot again is to compleatly strip and rebuild it ... however i cant be doing this ever week to 2 weeks will drive me nuts.. any ideas?
i have tried a new psu and still get the same issue

oh yeh and another point ... for some reason removing or pluging in a usb device can cause the pc to boot when off...

p5w dh deluxe (latest bios)
6600 core2due
2x hitachi 250 raid
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  1. uh, what X1900 card do you have??? MSI? HIS? ATI?

    other than that, check the voltage on the PSU. my PSU caused my computer to reboot because the BIOS detected an over voltage. Sure enough, the 12V was at 12.7V!

    could you list your entire setup please?
  2. nacho,

    I suspect that you have bad memory in the system. Your signature doesn't say what type you are running. Lots of problems with OCZ sticks on this motherboard. I am using Cosair but I also had a problem with one stick that caused constant crashes as soon as it heated up. There have also been a number of reports of DOA (dead-on-arrival) Corsair memory. Since you don't get to POST, you are not getting through the memory check which leads me to my conclusion of bad memory. Try one stick at a time or put some cheap memory into a slot and see if you get past POST, at least the mem-check part.

    The other problem you have with the strange USB behavior is a known problem when using the USB3/4 ports. These ports are for the wireless device to operate the MB remotely. If you aren't going to use that feature, I recommend you remove the wireless device from the MB. There is a screw on the underside of the MB that you need to access to remove this. No bios setting to disable, unfortunately.

    The alternative is to just not use the USB 3/4 ports. This still give you 6 USB ports, so this shouldn't be a problem for most people.

    Good Luck,
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