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I am looking to build a new sytem and I would like to get a watercooled case. I was looking at the
and was wondering if this was the easiest way to get into watercooling, or is it better to get a kit and do it myself? Please advise on any kits or cases. I will watercooloing the cpu,gpu,and chipset
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  1. I'll admit that is an excellent case, but it costs an exorbitant amount of money. You could probably go cheaper. Koolance sells some standalone cooling systems that can simply sit atop any case. Only $300, but you will have to buy the individual blocks separately. But if you want high quality ALL-inclusive water cooling, what you have is probably a good bet. See the Koolance website for thorough instructions for their watercooling setups if you want to DIY. Danger Den makes good stuff too, but they're expensive as well.

    But remember, only watercool if you need to. If you want quiet operation, want to overclock, and/or have naturally hot components, then it's the way to go. Otherwise, watercooling is just a frivolity.

    Look here for an in depth, comprehensive look at DIY watercooling.
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