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Help! Wireless network stopped working on Tablet PC

Last response: in Wireless Networking
November 11, 2005 10:57:31 PM


I'd appreciate help with the following.

My wireless network connection from my notebook pc has stopped working. It used to work and I haven't changed any setting. The situation is as follows.

The cable modem is connected to a wireless router whose IP address is On the tablet pc, I have set a fixed IP address, and netmask of This used to work like a charm.

Now, after bootup, at the command prompt, "ipconfig" shows:
[code:1:D f128ff210]
IP Address:
Subnet mask:
Default gateway:
[/code:1:D f128ff210]

However, "ping" returms all failure.

The "Wireless Network Connection Status" window says:
[code:1:D f128ff210]
Status: Connected
Network: MyNet
Duration: 00:20:17
Speed: 11.0 Mbps
Signal Strength: (all bars lit up)
[/code:1:D f128ff210]

However, in the "Activity" part of the window, it shows
[code:1:D f128ff210]
Packets sent: 772
Packets received: 0
[/code:1:D f128ff210]

Other laptop (this one) continues to work perfectly with the same router.

What am I doing wrong?
What could be the problem?
How to fix it?

The only thing that I suspect is one of the auto updates from Microsoft might have messed something up.

If it matters, the pc is an Averatec C3500 and the router is a D-Link 2.4 GHz one.

November 12, 2005 12:24:20 PM

Sounds to me since you can see the wireless. Your problem is getting on the wire. I would check the following:

If you are or aren't usging security check the settings. For example, if you use wep on the AP and not on the laptop you will see the wirless as your noting but wont be able to get on the wire.

Also check the client table. Make sure no other device is usging the same IP as your fixed one.

Look under wireless to see if the box is checked: Use windows to config my wireless network settings....

Good luck...

If this doesnt work I will be happy to give you my email and maybe we can work it over the phone...
November 12, 2005 4:12:09 PM

Thanks for your message.

Yes I am using WEP on the AP and on the pc.

From the log of the D-Link router, I can see that the pc in connecting successfully, with the pc's MAC address recorded correctly.
Also, no other device is using the same IP address.

I tried using DHCP on the pc and then the result is the same, i.e.

(a) on the pc ipconfig says it has connection and
(b) on the router, the pc's MAC address shows up as connected

What could be wrong?
November 13, 2005 1:33:52 PM

Looks like this is a software problem in the PC.

I connected an ethernet cable and exactly the same problem recurs,
that is, when both interfaces, wireless as well as wired are set to DHCP,
both MAC addresses show up on the router log, both have valid IP address
but the ping to the router fails.

Any idea what could it be and how to fix it? :(