Laptop video output question

Can I connect an S Video cable directly to the output, which kind of looks like an S Video but with more pins.
Please post.
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  1. yes, it is definately a video out.
    but the question is: do i need one of those breakout boxes?
    can i just plug an s-video directly?
  2. yeah.
    i just want to play movies from there so more pepole in my dorm can watch them. $50 27" TV baby!
    on another note:
    would you recommend buying a breakout box and plugging cheap av cables (red, yellow, white) to the TV as it also has composite inputs (i didn't know this when i bought it)?
    or just buy an s video cable?
  3. oh,
    i's sorry for makning my statement so vague.
    what i actually meant is to buy a breakout box and connect the composite outs (RGB) to my TV through cheapo AV cables instead of buying new (dedicated) ones.
    do you think i will lose a lot of quality as to be degraded to s video?
    It's just that I'm thinking that companies just color code their cables so people can buy more. I think they are just cables. (I ope you are not an audiophile)
  4. check my updated post.
    about the audio i bought a usb optical out for my z680 (that i bought for $75, yeayeah).
    there is no need to be using either tv or laptop for sound.
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