PC Dead - Mobo? Ideas Welcome!

Hi Guys,

My other computer just died (ish). It turns on power wise - fans, hdd, green LED, gfx card & fan, CD ROMS, all running fine it seems.
BUT BIOSey noises (no startup bleeps that I normally get) and no picture - completely black (monitor not even getting signal (standby light flashing) But I dont think its the Graphics Card as that is failry new (1 year)). It just sits there doing nothing. Any ideas which component is dead? Or what is wrong?

Was working 10 minutes ago then someone sat down, moved mouse to come out of standby and then a black screen. Turned off then this. All help welcome!

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  1. Quote:
    It turns on power wise

  2. OK - left it off for 20 mins and rebooted. First time got the bios beep and first few lines of BIOS POST message but then just froze. Second time got the first line of BIOS froze. Third time got through, loaded windows in for 30 seconds the Blue Screen of Death
    Faulty mother board?
    Flash fix it? (How would I go about that?)
    Something overheating?

    ASUS A7A266 is the mobo.

    Hope that extra info helps
    Nevy Nev
  3. Thanks for the help - unplugged and cleaned all contacts - problem seems to be fixed (fingers crossed!).

  4. I have the same problem with my gigabyte GA-8IK1100, and an ECS mobo that I bought to replace it, and another one of the same model that I took back after the first didnt work.

    The hard drive will not power up when it is connected to the mobo in my case, other then that, the fans light up and turn on.

    In the gigabyte mobo however, the chipset gets really hot, about 180°f, and this is in about 20 seconds after powering on.

    I also get the no monitor signal.
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