Ip Camera viewing software for mac 10.3.9


I have a mac 10.3.9 and I would like to use it to record my ip camera but I can't find a free and suitable software to view and record.

Can anyone suggest any software?

Thank you

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  1. What kind of IP camera is it?
  2. Well actually it's a china product but I do not know the actually brand name and I do tried using window and download some software which are free but their functions are limited, when I was asked to choose the brand name it works with the brand names called Wansview and Foscam.

    Sorry, I can't give you the actually brand name ( because I do not know it ) but it's a pan tilt indoor ip camera.

    Hope the above info will come out with something

    Thanks a lot
  3. Do you know the IP of the camera? Usually an IP based camera will give you the Manufacturers name at the web page for the camera. Also, the camera should have some identifying info on it.
  4. No, there isn't anything about the manufacturer's name
  5. Do you have physical access to the camera? Do you know the IP of the camera?
  6. Oh ya , I know the IP of the camera
  7. It sounds like a storage options ip camera copy or based on it design from the discription, unfortunately there are no osx based utilities for the camera, you could try wine emulator (Windows emu) for osx but it might be resource heavy.

  8. Have you tried connecting to the web interface using the IP address of the camera?
  9. Do you have physical access to the camera?
  10. Ya it just like the product mention by hairystuff.

    I tried to connect it with web interface and it was successful till now and may I know what is meant by physical access to the camera?

    I want to find a software so that I can record down ip camera and only internet explorer 5.0 and above have the recording function. Mac 10.3.9 does not have inter net explorer 5.0 or higher and that is why I seek help here
  11. By physical access I mean do you have the ability to actually look at the camera and, most important, is it yours?
  12. The only way you are going to be able to record video from that ip camera is by using a PC with its client software installed on a windows pc or the resource heavy way via (dar)wine

  13. Yes, that is mine and yes I can view the surrounding by rotate it
  14. About the client software yes it is provided too but I don't like it because it response slowly and I would like to use another software if possible. Does (dar)wine supports mac 10.3.9?.
  15. I think it works on Panther (10.3) and above, foscam also make a similar camera and the software might be compatible:

    product details:

    software (includes some clients for mac osx)
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