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Well I just got a nice check in the mail which should probably be spent on something other than my computer but whatever, I am tempted to upgrade.

Right now my computer is AMD 1.2ghz, 1256 RAM, and an AGP 6800GS video card with the pipelines and shaders unlocked. Obvilously my processor is lacking a bit when it comes to playing new games like Vanguard.

On Newegg I saw a nice dual core AMD processor 3800+ fpr only $152.00, which seemed like a nice upgrade. If I bought that then I would need a new motherboard (mine is a socket A), and if I got a new motherboard I would obviously want to get one with PCI-E slots. I saw a few with both AGP and PCI-E which might be nice so I could keep using my fairly new 6800GS, but I am not sure if it would be worth it.

My goal is to upgrade my computer to last as long as possible and actually be good for once with games that are coming out now (I always end up upgrading right before I quit the game that I upgraded for in the first place..like EQ, WoW and Oblivion). I was thinking about getting a 7900GS or maybe a GT and then in like 6 months to a year I could buy another one and put them in SLI mode. After looking at the Best Video Card for the Price post I saw:


and was wondering if that would be more cost effective than a 7900GS or GT. Would one of those cards work well enough for a decent period of time to be worth buying? Another problem is the DX10 cards coming out, should I wait to see if prices are lowered? Should I buy a AGP/PCI-E combo board and just deal with my 6800GS for now and upgrade my processor and RAM?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. If you're going to build new system but want to keep the price down then I'd suggest a Core 2 Duo E6300 build. They're about $185 on Newegg (U.S.) and will outpace the 3800+ and have very good overclocking headroom. Pair that with an Asrock 775 VSTA mobo and come decent DDR2 RAM and you have a good start. That mobo supports AGP and PCI-E.

    For $200 the 7900GS is a very good card. However, for $240 the 256MB X1900XT will own it.
  2. If I am spending 200 for a card, I might as well spend 240 on something better that will last longer. Did you suggest that AGP/PCI-E motherboard because you think I should just stick with the 6800GS for a while?
  3. No, I suggested it because it is fairly inexpensive and will work work just fine for a regular (ie no serious overclocking) C2D build. You can use your 6800GS to hold you over until you have the money for the 256MB X1900XT though.
  4. if you are trying to keep cost down at all, you have to figure in buying a new intel system will require you to buy new memory also. I'm in the same boat. I'm pretty sure I'm going to try to put together a socket 939 system as I'll still be able to use my pc3200 memory.

    isn't the fastest single core processer the athlon 64 4000+, or the 3800+ for gaming purposes, close enough anyway now that the 4000+ are starting to sell out. and you could still use your current memory.

    not sure about those asrock mobos you mentioned, but I've seen they got real good reviews compared to the epox board I'd buy, something I've also considered.
  5. Actually, you should read up on the Anandtech articles on the Asrock 775Dual-VSTA and the ASRock 775i65G. You can use DDR 400 (PC3200) with a C2D on these boards. The performance hit is acceptable and will be able to hold you over until you can afford DDR2. Read up.
  6. wow, that's great...I had....have no clue!
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