hardware changes on p5w dh

ok has there been any hardware changes on these board or just software?
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  1. I have not heard of any hardware changes but there are numerous software updates required to get things to work properly.

    Current Bios recommended is 1305 for overclocking. I have found that 0801 works well if not overclocking.

    Should get drivers for following:
    setup of Sata hard drives - Intel ICH7R for RAID or AHCI (both in one package).
    RAID sets require latest Intel Matrix Storage Manager from their website.
    to get lan ports working properly - Marvel Yukon driver new one on 9/13 just released.
    JMicron ports are very buggy and not recommended since they are also the slowest on the MB.

    The above are critical needs to get stuff working. Then there is the optional latest display card drivers and sound drivers.

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