Cooling Pentium D 805 / P5B ( Picture )

Ok I have just removed my flat IDE cable, and replaced with a round cable and added a case fan in my Sonata II Case.

Temps before 2nd case fan and round cable

44-45C / 109-111F pro idle / 56-58C / 132-135F load both cores
( Zalman 9500 HSF )

32C / 96-98F idle / 102-104F load ( Zalman 9500 HSF )

After adding a case fan and round cable. Note: Case fans both Antec TriCool speed = both high.

Processor Temps = The Same
Mobo Temps have droppd 8-10F approx.

Specs of Build

Antec Sonata II
Pentium D 805
GB of XMS DDR2-800 ( 2 X 512 ) Ram
2 WD HD's
BFG Tech BFGR73256GSOCE Geforce 7300GS Video Card
Zalman 9500 HSF
2 Antec TriCool case fans on High

Picture of Comp Inside

So my question is I know its a HoT! CPU Pentium D 805, but is all this top end cooling giving me about right temps, because I was going for like 20F degrees better then this. * Also my room temp is usually anywhere from 23-27C.

Id appreciate any help or advice you could give me, I tightd up the wires pretty well. Thanks
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  1. What's the question?
  2. Basically Should the temps be better then what im getting?

    I mean I have now spent 100$ for the Zalman 9500 HSF 75$, a case fan 20$, and a round ide cable 5$.
    If I could id sent the D 805 back with the Zalman HSF and buy a C2D 6300 but I cant.

    I mean its better then stock Intel cooler for the 805 140-170F+ approx but I think it should still be better then this.

    * So question is should I be getting better temps?

    I'd really appreciate any possible suggestions and opinions, thank you very much :).
  3. Tdelta of up to 30 degrees Celsius at load is completely normal for a power-hungry or overclocked CPU. I'm not sure how power hungry the 805D is at stock, but it most certainly is when o/c'ed to those phenomenal levels people are reporting.

    Your room hovers between 23-27C, proc hovers between 56-58C at load, so Tdelta is 31-33C - seems normal to me for a closed case.

    I leave the side of my case off and find it helps a lot with CPU temperatures. You have a power supply fan and 2 case fans pumping air out of the case, but in a closed case, air can't get in without heavy resistance.

    For reference here:
    conroe x6800 oc'ed to 3745mhz @1.55V: TdP should be ~126W.
    T(ambient) = 25C
    T(cpu) @load = 49-51C
    So Tdelta is about 25 degrees C.
    HSF is a Tuniq Tower 120, case side window open.

    Now, if you're not overclocking at all and the case side is open, but you're still getting Tdelta of 30C, then I'd suspect poor thermal interface, or perhaps the motherboard isn't reading the CPU properly and is overvolting it.
  4. Well there is no overclocking going on, case side is on and my volts are as followed

    Vcore - 1.23V
    +3.3 - 3.25V
    +5 - 4.99
    +12 - 12.25

    I went to radioshack to look at a laser thermometer that you just point and shoot and it'll give u a temp reading, except it costs 50$ that would probably be the best temp reading I could get. Except I dont have 50$ for it, so I cant do that right now.

    Just a side random thought, I wonder how much a side duct stand alone or also one with a fan would have helpd on the Sonata II case.

    Iv'e thought about modin one, but Id want to find a spare first haven't tried calling Antec yet to see if theres anyway I could get a side panel.

    Well still open to suggestions and opinions, Thanks.
  5. That fan attached by your hdds isnt doing anything at all.
    You need 2x fans to blow air out and 2x to get air in.

    Try with your case open thats the best you'll get.
    Then arrange your fans to get as close to the open case temps as possible! Sometimes this requires case modding :)

    In my opinion it's not so much important if your CPU runs 5C hotter or colder. Cool well your hdds so you dont loose your data.
  6. I was looking for a silent and nice upgrade all around, from a Celeron 2.0Ghz to my new build Pentium D 805 and my other goodies, also the reason I got a Sonata II.

    But now with the all the fans etc. its basically about the same in volume now even tho my other comp had 1 case fan. My new current rig is still prob a bit more quiter but not by much.

    And about its all about the hd's being cool, well before the 2nd case fan and a bit better case wiring my hd's where running 29C i think and thats about 10F degrees above room temp which im pretty sure is great. So thats nothing to worry about, especially with another case fan pulling heat from them.

    I'm mainly concerned about my cpu, still think anywhere from 44C is a bit warm for idle with all my fans, especially with a Zalman 9500.

    Thanks for any suggestions or comments.
  7. You need to re-mount that cooler with a nice thin coat of thermal compound like Artic Silver 5. Also check the bios and make sure the voltage on that cpu is not on auto. The 805 should run at 1.20vcore and that could help lowering your temps as well. If you can go ahead and install a 120mm fan on the side panel to blow cool air to the cpu cooler, that can cool down cpu temps big time.
  8. I do have AS5 nice thin layer, also thinking about redoing it and just putting a drop in the middle thats what I have heard to do for the Pentium D's.

    About the vcore yes mine is right now 1.23 and in the bios its set to auto, if i set it to 1.2 first off will it make it at all even .0001 less unstable and how much degrees do u think .03 volts will remove from temps...?

    And more about the AS5 putting this Zalman 9500 is a real pain in the but, I had to really push some pressure to get the screws in Alot of pressure.. I'm still trying to decide if I should or not, not sure how much it'll help always possibility of it getting werse.

    Thanks for anything.
  9. So how about the Vcore if i lower it from auto to 1.2 will .03 help temps any?

    Still open for suggestions or anything. Thanks very much
  10. Anybody have any more helpful advice or any comments or suggestions?

    Thanks very much.
  11. I have the same configoration and I think You can't do more. When I put side fan nothing change with temperature. When I set all fans to min rotation, cpu temp change 1~2C, I prefer slence! I thing 805 impossible to be cooler in idle. Only thing that You can do is cooling nortbridge, it blame additional heat to other components. I put smal quiet fan to nortbridge. 7300GS is pretty cool and not need fan, but You can think about that. HDD fan is perfect. CPU temp bellow 60C in ful load is safe. Yuor temp is O.K. if system is quiet, don't worry about temp so match!
  12. Do bear in mind that the temps you are reading could be as much as 15°C out

    To be honest I wouldnt worry about it too much, but reach around the back (non-fan) end of the Zalman and put your fingers in the hole in the middle while its running full load, does the copper feel particularly hot?

    When mine was running full tilt my old 9500 used to feel 'on the hot side of warm' and read at 63°C, but that was at about 3.6GHz
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