Razer Copperhead - Restart and BSOD problems

Anyone having problems with the Razer Copperhead on SLI boards.

Mine causes crashes in games (FEAR, BF2, AOE 3) and then the mouse will not work. I have to unplug it and plug it back in for the mouse to work.

I wrote Razer and all they could say was told:
"Currently the mouse will not be able to function at its fullest performance
level due to the SLI motherboard.
We have already referred this to the Engineering department and they will be
making future enhancements.

Your patience is greatly appreciated. "

Anyone else having problems or found an answer?

The machine I am using it on is as follows:
AMD 64 3800+
Asus A8N SLI-Premium
2 GB Corsair
550W Ultra X2
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  1. My friend has the same mouse and an SLI board. His random mouse crashes aren't happening in just games though. I'm sorry to say I don't know the answer, but the problem is there. His specs are acutally the same as yours, he just has a XFX 7600GT instead of a 7900
  2. Another reason to buy a Logitech, maybe? :roll:
  3. Quote:
    Another reason to buy a Logitech, maybe? :roll:

    I am thinking about it. If Razer or I can't fix it fast, I am getting a MX518 or G5.
  4. G5. :wink:

    I'm assuming you already have a good quality pad.
  5. Quote:

    I'm assuming you already have a good quality pad.

    Still got my trusty Ratpadz GS :)
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