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I have some knowledge on setting up a task to shutdown the system at a specified time everyday using the Task Scheduler in Windows 7. However, I would like the option to have a "1 minute warning" that system is shutting down so that I can cancel it if I am currently using it. How would i go about this?

For example: I have it scheduled at 10pm to turn off. However, I am still on the computer at 9:59. I would like some dialogue to come up and give me the option to cancel and I will just shutdown the computer when I'm done.

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  1. why not just press start + r then type

    shutdown -s -f -t 60

    that will force everything to shutdown in 60 secs

    i dont think that you can very easily, there are third party programs which work quite well, i remember one that has the option you seek if i remember correctly
  2. i don't want to do a timer shutdown (ex: shutdown in 60 seconds). I use the pc to tape shows, therefore, it shuts down at a different time each night. I just want to be able to not automatically shutdown if i happen to be watching a taped show late at night. I want the option to cancel shutdown. I was hoping to avoid 3rd party tools as most of them have not been quite helpful in terms of what i want
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