Buying a generic Laptop AC Adapters (Need expert advice)

Hey guys, I need some expert advice. My laptop ac adapter just crapped out, and by that, I meant it caught on fire! I expected it to die out eventually...but not the way it did!

Anyways, hehe. I am trying to find a replacement adapter, but I cannot afford to buy a really expensive one.


My laptop is a Toshiba M35X-S161. My AC adapter has an
Input: 100-240V ~ 1.8A 50/60Hz
Output: 19V 3.42A

My question is, what should I be looking for? I don't imagine the input being that big of a deal, as I'm sure most households will supply the required specs (120V 60hz).

The main thing I want to know is about the OUTPUT! Does it mean that we need to supply my laptop with 3.42A at 19V for it to work? How lenient can I be on this one? Is 3.42A the max the adapter will supply? If so, is it ok to get a 19V 6.0A? So, as long as the voltage is correct, it would be ok?

I was thinking of getting this

Thanks in advanced!
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  1. I'm going to put forth a few likely assumptions and caveats.

    3.42amps output from the old PSU was most likey a bit more than the Toshiba engineers expected the laptop to need for running directly from the PSU, therefore a 6.0amp PSU of the correct voltage will probably work for you....BUT.... if some circuit on the laptop caused the PSU to fail, supplying more power from a stronger PSU may cause the laptop to melt down instead of the PSU.

    Most laptops don't require much current to just charge the batteries as long as the batteries and charging circuit are performing within design limits, it's when parts start failing slowly that other devices can fail due to unexpected loading.
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