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Programme to clean my laptop from all webistes I visited

i need a programme to clean my laptop from all websites i visited from the internet and free , please if u know a good programme post the link here as an answer
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  1. this website by money , its not free
  2. ^+1
    Your talking about cookies right ? ccleaner is the best.
  3. im talking about no one can see what is websites i had visited , even though hes is a professional , i want to make my laptop as i bought it
  4. That will only be possible if you bury the old hard drive and install another!
  5. is that easy ? or what ??
    so can anyone see the webites right ???
    tell me how plz ? i want to see them
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    So, only you should see them ? And not others ? Cleaning cookies using ccleaner is the only way. But this way, you won't be able to view the sites you went to as well.
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  8. I could be wrong but I'm not sure CCleaner takes out the last thirty days of History, including Cookies. In any event, a professional - if sufficiently bothered and curious - would use undeleting software to get it all back. Piriform,. the CCleaner people also develop Recuva for just that purpose.

    To be more certain, bin it all using CCleaner then defragment the disk and run CCleaner again, this time ticking Wipe Free Space. It takes time but it's more thorough. Untick it afterwards otherwise it does it every time.

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