Deus EX like games???

Sorry guys, I'm the same guy from the previous post.

I haven't played any computer games since I finished Deus Ex about a year ago.

Are there any computer games out there similar to Deus EX? Some that have come out in the last year or so??? I thought Deus Ex was one of the best games I've ever played, if not the best ever. I would love to find some just like it.

Thanks for everything.

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  1. There's been nothing like Deus Ex that's come out recently (or if it has, no one's told me about it). If you don't already have it, try System Shock 2. Great atmosphere and an obvious influence on DE. No One Lives Forever is also quite fun.

    We'll have to wait for Deus Ex 2 for another game of similar ilk though.

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  2. yea, system shock is very DE. Also, Thief looks to be a bit closer to the gameplay style than many other FPS, although without the RPG elements.

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  3. No One Lives Forever...I think.

    I've just bought Dues Ex, and I've completed the traing missions. They seem similar, but I reckon Deus Ex has a lot more detail.

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  4. yes, i am 1/2 way through no one lives forever. it is really unbelievable. very unigue game.
  5. Loads of surprises in store.

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  6. oh, also (and PLEASE dont shoot me for this, im just answering his question) daikatana has the a rpg element to it in that you can develope your stats and weapon skills throughout the game. while i am NOT recommending that you play it, it is similar to deus ex in the fps/rpg aspect.

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  8. oww, that really hurt a-hole!!!

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