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Hello! I loved this site when I was setting up a network, which is up and running in my home with a workgroup in windows, etc. However, I have recently acquired an internet connection (through a WiMAX modem with clearwire in Ireland), and assumed sharing it would be possible simply by connecting the modem to the wireless router. However, the router/ap is also an ADSL modem (a cable and wireless one), (though I was never using the ADSL modem to begin with) and I am wondering if that is preventing me from connecting to the internet through it. If it is still possible for me to do this, what settings would I usually need to enter in the routers configuration in order to use the modem through it?

thanks :D
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  1. what model modem/router are you using and i can help you further
  2. You would need to log into the cable/dsl modem/router and disable that portion, or not use the port on the back of the hardware designated WAN. You would just want to use the standard ports. Hook into those and it may work as long as you don't need to change the configuration of the device.
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