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I just bought a used Radeon X800 Pro 256MB AGP Card from Ebay. I installed Catalyst 6.8 Drivers and all is running smooth. This was an upgrade from Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB and Catalyst 6.4 Drivers.

I know Rage3D has overclocking software, but it appears it's only up to Catalyst 5.9 right now. What all other software overclocking utilities are there? what would you recommend?

Also, it appears mine is running at

Core Clock 473 Mhz
Memory Clock 452 Mhz

How high has someone overclocked this card, what "should" be safe, I don't want to burn it out, just want to get a little more push.
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  1. ati tool. the best ocing software out there. otherwise ati tray tools is ok as well
  2. yeh, ati tool. just up the speeds slowly till you get artifacts then drop the speed down 10-15 or 20 mhz, run some graphics benchmark in a loop and if it crashes just put it back to default speed. OC'ing video cards is unpredictable, in my experience, and generally not entirely worth the risk.
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