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I can't connect to the internet when I'm directly connected from my pc to the modem but it works just fine when I'm connected through my Linksys BEFSR41 router.

The problem is that I'm trying to replace that router with a wireless Linksys WRT54G and the internet won't work. It only works when I'm using the old router.

How do I fix this so that my PC can recognize the internet through the modem. I'm sure once this is fixed I will be able to setup the wireless router myself.

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  1. are you using dhcp?
  2. I'm not really sure how to answer that as I don't know or understand what DHCP is.

    under my router settings DHCP is enabled but does that factor into why i'm not getting any connection when I am connected directly to my modem without a router?
  3. in your network settings do you have a static ip on your pc with a static gateway? if so your pc will look for the address of the router. what OS are you using.
  4. I am using Win XP Professional.

    As far as I know my PC is setup to automatically look for the IP address. Not sure if it's set to for static or not. How do I check and what should the settings be so it will pick up when I'm not connecting through the router?

    The only place I can find any mention of gateway settings is Under my TCP/IP Properties Menu under the General Tab then the Advanced Settings Button.

    The IP Address section shows DHCP enabled and the Default Gateway section is blank.
  5. on the general tab you should have obtain an ip address automatically checked, and obtain the dns automatically this will then search the network for a dhcp server to give you an address, dns and gateway.
  6. oh could it have been that simple? I have my ip set on auto but not my DNS right now.

    I'll switch that when I get home and see how it goes. I'm crossing my fingers that this is all that is messing things up.
  7. When you install the new router be sure to also unplug the cable modem. Get everything wired up then plug in the power on the cable modem followed by the router. This will make sure the router and the modem will communicate to each other the proper settings.
    I had to do this when I install my router.
  8. it might be possible that your pc is set to static ip,and it can go online with the wired linksys router and when connected to the modem you cant go online since the ip address of the pc is set to the linksys ip range which is and from your modem its using the public wan address that why you cant go online thru the modem.check your tcp/ip should be set to obtain ip and dns automatically. :wink:
  9. Well I've made sure to set my ip and dns to auto as per your suggestions but still nothing works.

    Here is what i get if i do ipconfig with router and without. I hope that can help show what might be wrong.

    First this is when I'm connected through my router :

    Windows IP Configuration

    Host Name : AMD 3500
    Primary Dns Suffix :
    Node Type : Unknown
    IP Routing Enabled : No
    WINS Proxy Enabled : No

    Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection

    Connection-specific DNS Suffix
    Description : NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller
    Physical Address : 00-13-D4-D1-AE-48
    Dhcp Enabled : Yes
    Autoconfiguration Enabled : Yes
    IP Address :
    Subnet Mask :
    Default Gateway :
    DHCP Server :
    DNS Servers :

    Lease Obtained : Saturday, November 19, 2005 3:20:16 PM

    Lease Expires : Sunday, November 20, 2005 3:20:16 PM

    Now when I'm connected straight to modem :

    Windows IP Configuration

    Host Name : AMD 3500
    Primary DNS Suffix :
    Node Type : Unknown
    IP Routing Enabled : No
    WINS Proxy Enabled : No

    Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection

    Connection-specific DNS Suffix :
    Description : NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller
    Physical Address : 00-13D4-D1-AE-48
    Dhcp Enabled : Yes
    Autoconfiguration Enabled : Yes
    Autoconfiguration IP Address :
    Subnet Mask :
    Default Gateway

    Thanks for your help so far.
  10. from the ipconfig info you have given me when you are connected from the router->you have all the ip address,default gateway and dns number correct.did you try to ping your gateway and also your dns? and from the ip address from the modem,169.x.x.x its means that its an invalid ip address and it might be that your pc was not able to get the proper ip from the modem and the pc assigned itself its own invalid ip address.and who is your isp anyways? its that a cable or dsl connection?
  11. yea it when i'm connected through my router the info should be correct because i can get internet that way. it's when connected to the modem that i can't and i dont' know why.

    how do i ping my gateway and dns and what would the purpose of doing that be?

    my isp is verizon and i have dsl
  12. it might be that your pc was not able to get the ip address automatically,from the modem.try to restart the modem first and when all the lights from the modem are all steady,thats the time to turn on the pc. the ping command->refers to the connection between two sources. to ping the router: the command is ping and when you get four replies it means the pc and the router are communicating and to ping the dns numbers the same way->ping -when getting replies means you have connection to your isp server and also to test the internet connection,you can also ping and all this command should be on the command prompt or dos window. :wink:
  13. iok so i've pinged my router's ip, the ip my router assigns my pc, and both my dns entries.

    They all work.

    I've tried resetting the modem with pc off and turning it back on and it doesn't work.

    So i'm not sure what is wrong.

    Am I correct in saying that my internet is working correctly and there is some problem with my pc detecting it when it's just connected to the modem?
  14. with the pc turned on, unplug the power for the modem, wait about 15 seconds and then plug the power back in. This should reset the modem and reenable the dhcp on the modem. Its not actually dhcp as in what a router does. It just passes the ip it gets to the computer.

    What happens when you use the router is the modem turns off the dhcp and just passes the ip address onto the router. The router then takes over the handling of dhcp. If you go back to directly to the modem with out doing a hard reset set the modem doesnt know to hand out an address.
  15. everything that is being said is pointless....

    you have to

    1 - make sure the "MAC Address Clone" is your 41 router matches the MAC address of the card you are trying to connect to your modem with, if it doesnt then you must call your internet company and let them know you have changed network cards and tell them the MAC address of your new card.

    2 start -> run .... cmd or command in 95/98/me
    ipconfig /all
    the mac address is listed there....

    3 be sure that if you do change the mac address with the company, that you change it in your router settings too..

    that address is how a computer (i.e. your dhcp server, dns server, computer on network) knows you, it can know the ip, but if it can it will use the MAC address.... the MAC address is how your inet companies' DHCP server assigns you a ip address

    PM me if you need more help and i will give you my AIM name
  16. I have worked on quite a few cable and dsl connections and never had to clone the mac address.
    I have added routers and removed routers many times and each time I had to unplug the power from the modem to get it to reset.

    So everything that is being said is not pointless.

    As far as I can tell basboy hasn't tried what I have suggested he do.
    So if your reading this basboy let me know if you tried my suggestions.
  17. Depending on your cable provider they may lock the MAC address of the first NIC to connect, so cloning is sometimes necessary. Well, not always necessary, but if you don't know the trick of telling the cable people you have a new computer or instead you tell them you have a router, and they don't want you to...

  18. hey sturm, thanks for the suggestions. I tired them and they ddn't fix my problem.

    I think qwer and fish have the solution. I had a friend visiting for thanksgiving come into town so I brought up this problem to him. Seems that it is MAC related.

    He had me plug my computer directly to the pc, then under my network connection, right click properties ---> General Tab ---> Configure Button ---> Advanced Tab ---> Locally Administered Address (or something similar).

    He then had me fill in a value instead of having the not present bubble filled in. The value he had me put was my old router's MAC address. That fixed my internet. I can now connect to the internet when I'm directly connected to the modem. I just have to figure out how to get the new router set up. Worse comes to the worse I'll call up Verizon and have them reset the MAC or whatever. At least I'm on the right track now.

    I used to be able to switch from router to router or router to modem with no problem so it seems that Verizon has changed how they do things on their side requiring me to go through this MAC mumbo jumbo.
  19. That sounds like it!

    In the new router's config page, put the old router's MAC address there. There should be a page for cloning the addy.

  20. you ALWAYS had to change (clone) your MAC address, ever since the idea of splitting DSL/Cable to multiple computers... its just that some ISP didnt enforce it like ICANN said to.. but you see now we are running out of ip addresses (hence IPv6)..

    see back in the day(couple years ago maybe 2000) ISPs just let modems come online (speaking cable) and assigned them unique IP's accordingly, but when some one is trouble shooting there inet, and plugs a modem into a new computer/NIC, the MAC address on that NIC creates a TOTALLY new/unique address on the internet. of course ISP buy IP's by the hundreds of thousands, but still there are so many available period on the the IPv4 schema.. 3.4 trillionish(or is it billion? i think its trillion) so that means that hundreds of "new" ip's could be takin daily.. see the problem with that now right? now when you sign up with ISPs, they request you have the modem pluged in and turned on, some isps wont even get the data for you(MAC address), i have had one ISP run me through ipconfig and the whole nine just to make sure when i turn my comp on it knows who i am... therefore, if you dont have a MAC that is on "their network". then it no werkie werkie.

    i hope this helps! ;p plus are you in florida, with comcast? cause my fren in jacksonville had very much the same probs, lol omg the same routers ROFL lol if my lil MAC clone no werkie, upgrade your firmware... and that should do it... we spent a couple days on his prob and found htat the firmware he got on his wireless linksys was the problem.. btw AIM is my THG login ;) holla if youget time on the weekend, im always on, leave me a msg and i WILL get back to you ;)
  21. hi, i have usb modem. my usb prots are there anything that converts ethernet to usb. usb to ethernet
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