Help! with Asrock 775 Dual-vsta and ATI X800XL AGP

Greetings all - Looking for some help with my new system -
Asrock 775 Dual-vsta, bios 1.8, core2duo 6300, 2gb DDR2 667, 160gb Sata1, 500w xConnect psu, winXP home, ATI Catalyst 6.4

When I install my x800xl agp, I get a few vertical bands of what I'll call a colored checkboard on the screen. Appears at all resolutions. I did find just one vague issue on the ATI site that acknowledged a problem and suggested using the 6.4 drivers instead of the 6.8. But no luck. Tried forcing 4x agp with no luck.

I'm currently running with an old 9800se card - with no problems!

Any ideas? Anyone out there successfully running this mobo with x800 agp? Chose this mobo in order to save the relatively recently purchased x800. If I can't get this combination running soon, I'll need to return the asrock, and save a few more pennies for a decent pcie board and video card.

Any input is much appreciated!
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  1. there have been several reports in my local distributor of asrock and asus, that either asrock and asus mobo ditributed in Surabaya, Indonesia, are having incompatibility issue with ATI Radeon vga card.

    I'm having an incompatibility issue to with ASRock 775Dual-VSTA - ATI Radeon X1600Pro agp and 9200SE agp.

    with x1600, my crt monitor often hang at cold and or warm boot, but the system still running as i can hear the logon sound of windows. in order to make it work again, i have to plug off the electric cable which is attached to the monitor and then replug. i now use lcd monitor and don't find any troubleshooting.

    with 9200se, the motherboard sounds 10 beeps each time i try to start the system. no signal goes to both crt and lcd monitor.

  2. Make sure you COMPLETELY uninstall all old drivers before installing Catalyst v6.8. I'd also suggest using a driver cleaner. I had problems when I first went from my 9800pro to my X800XL. They weren't the same ones you discribe, but they were problems. Only after I did a complete unistall and clean install did my problems go away. That's a huge upgrade for you. Good luck.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I've tried wiping everything out and reinstalling drivers. First with ATI's un-installer and second with drivercleaner pro. No luck. Perhaps I'm still not cleaning things up properly - will try a search for complete uninstall process. Would appreciate hearing from anyone with this combination working successfully - even just to know that it can be done.
  4. A friend lent me an x1300 agp. It ran fine. So now I'm thinking its not the drivers, but either the card itself or insufficient power. But more likely the card?
  5. yeah, the power could be the problem too :) but if the card was running fine on older system, that's strange..
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