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I have recently installed Ubuntu on my PC and i just can't get wireless to work on it. I have a d-link dwl-520 card. I got the driver for it but maybe it didn't install correctly? I am not sure how to login as root which is probably the reason but am not sure.
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  1. what is ubuntu
  2. What is Ubuntu ? What is Centos ? What is Freespire ? What is Knoppix ? Watch out, Linux is sneaking up on everybody.... AND guess what, it's free.

    About the network thing............ I had a short class on Linux and the last class was tonight. That topic was brought up briefly and I'm sorry to say, I can't remember the conversation. Too much to think about in a short time if you know what I mean. Think it was a compatability issue........ ?
  3. frees things generally are worse than non-free ones

    you get what u pay lol

    u pay nothing u get nothing if that rule applyed
  4. Derek............ try it and see. Download one of them, it can be used as a bootable cd so it won't hurt your system, and just check it out. Ignorance is bliss
  5. if i have time and that my internet will stand it
  6. Yeah, like swifty said, it's a compatibility issue. They'll probably release a patch for it, but for now it's useless.

    And Derek... I have Ubuntu, LOVE IT! Believe me, if you've ever used linux you'll realize that this is one of the better versions to get. That and Gentoo
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