I'm purchasing a 1000 watt PSU. Which of these 2 are better? And has anyone had good or bad experiences with either of these models?

I'm powering a supermicro H8DCE-O mobo which the site says need 645 watts minimum. Including 2 liquid cooling systems, 8 gigs ram, 4 HDDs, an x1900xtx and a few other gadgets, I need a lot of juice. Plus I'll be adding 3 or more sata HDDs.

1. COOLMAX CTG-1000 ATX12V 1000W Power Supply

The four 12v rails are rated @ 19 amps which seems higher than any other 1000 watt PSU i've seen (or in general).


It has five 12v rails @ 17 amps which isn't bad and should power.

The coolmax is 300 after rebate.
The enermax is 350 final price.

For all intensive purposes, its better to have another 12v rail and slightly lower amps? I believe that either would easily power the system, but I'd rather buy a better product since its more high end and clean power is a must.
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  1. Dude what are you going to do with that computer? LOL.
    Anyway avoid Coolmax like the plague if your gonna connect all that hardware to it. I'd say get the enermax or go PC Power and Cooling for that kind of want a reliable PSU and coolmax just won't cut it.
  2. Riddlinkidstoner, everyone always asks me what I do with my computer. I aquired some server hardware. I have dual opty 250s (@ 2.4 ghz) 8 gigs ddr400 ram, 4 HDDs (for now), a dvd burn, cd-rw, and dual koolance ICM-505 liquid coolers (VERY GOOD COOLERS, keeps my optys between 82-90 degrees, not celcius lol). The pumps and fans on the liquid coolers are run off the PSU, not external power, so it drans my system. I'm also running a x1900xtx vid card. I plan on adding a few HDDs. Also, I purchased a new mobo, Supermicro H8DCE-O. It requires 645 watts MINIMUM to run. With all the stuff I have, i need as much power as possible.

    Right now, its being used as my primary computer, set up like a workstation with windows server. Its quick. Somestuff is slow b/c most programs aren't written for dual CPUs, but it gets the job done. I plan on converting it over to a dedicated server when I build a new system ( probably in 3 or 4 years).

    Phreejack, thanks for the links. I read them over. VERY helpful. Great reviews and very informative.

    I ended up purchasing the Enermax Galaxy 1000 watt.
  3. anytime

    I've ordered that very same PSU myself
  4. I got the PSU today, ITS HUGE (luckily, my server case has no issues accomodating it). Beautiful finish, well build, feels like a brick, a very pretty black glossy brick. :D

    I like having 2 extra PCI-E power ports and more than enough cables for molex and sata drives. This is something I won't need to replace for a long time.

    Now I just have to hook it up and run it. I need to get my video card and then I'll test it and report back.
  5. good luck
  6. I'm waiting to get the new 1200watt psu from Thermaltake that supports 4 pci-e gfx cards.....of course ill only need 3 .. (2 for sli mode....1 for physics)

    I think the reason why it supports 4 pci-e cards is for someone who wants to use there Mozart case that houses 2 entire computers
    note the nforce590 chipset (TRUE dual 16x sli) and the extra pci-e 8x slot for the upcoming nvidia physx config
  7. While most people on here might jump on you for getting such a highend PSU, I won't because I'm like that. It's never a bad thing to indulge. I'm getting a Galaxy 1000 myself (even though I don't particularly need it right now - I've got a Silverstone 750).
  8. I'd rather get something from Enermax or PC Power and Cooling... they just have a better rep behind them. There's my $.02
  9. Hey, if I didn't feel confident about Enermax, I wouldn't have invested in the Galaxy
  10. Quote:
    While most people on here might jump on you for getting such a highend PSU, I won't because I'm like that. It's never a bad thing to indulge.

    Mo Powa, Mo Betta !!!
  11. lol

    word up to the electric company
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